The Importance Of Preventive Health Care

I am proof that preventive health care works. I grew up a very sickly child, plagued by numerous allergies and a poor immune system. It was very difficult for doctors to prescribe any medication for me out of fear that the drug might trigger an adverse response. But accompanying their fears was my fear as well. At the age of eight, my playmate who had asthma, (like myself), was administered the wrong drug when she was taken to the hospital for an asthmatic crisis. She died. This experience at such an early age, has caused me to recognize that doctors and nurses are not infallible, They can and do make mistakes at times. It also taught me the dangers of prescribed medications.

In my early forties, I decided to become the personal savior of my own health. I did an intensive research into foods and food groups, minerals and vitamins. I made some meal plans using the knowledge I had gained. I even came up with my own ‘fast food’…something I can grab if I am busy, but which is highly nutritious. I began to listen to my body more. And to my surprise, I realize how much my body really speaks regarding what it needs to stay healthy. I also come to realize that my taste buds do not necessarily work in alignment with what my body demands.

I can recall the first time I heard my body requesting celery juice. I hated celery. And my taste buds were saying ‘hell no!’ But my body was insistent. I eventually gave in to its demands. I could feel the celery juice having an impact on the cells of my body and my body telling me that it needed this juice so long ago. I reconditioned my taste buds to accept the taste of celery as favourable.

The changes I have made make me much healthier. I no longer fall ill to the seasonal flu and other viruses. Recently I was sent by my family physician to consult an oncologist regarding my low white blood cells and neutrophil cells count. They had done many cancer tests that all came back negative. The oncologist was surprised to hear that I am for the better part very healthy. He was amazed that I do not catch the seasonal flu.

I am a living testimony that when individuals enlighten themselves regarding what the eat, they can engage themselves in preventative  health care. I still work along with my family physician. I do my annual visit. And I get all my tests done to see if there is anything else I need to do. But beyond that my health is self-governing. My health is founded on preventative health care.

Preventive Medicine

Conservative Wellness Centers focus is ‘prevention rather than cure’. When there is a positive diagnosis, traditional medicine must be consulted. The downside of traditional medicine is that more often than not one organ or system is supported, but at the expense of another. Sometimes the drug used is contraindicated for the very organ it is purported to heal. If a true comparison should be made between conservative medicine and  traditional medicine, it will be seen without a shadow of a doubt that traditional medicine tilts the scale as having more weight where harm is concerned. Conservative medicine encourages individuals to pay keen attention to health maintenance so as to avoid the use of traditional medicine. This is a big part of conscious living if we ought to acquire a holistic and successful life.

Preventative medicine focuses on the quality of life and living; and it does so by taking certain factors into consideration so as to achieve its goal.

  • Know your family medical history. Knowledge of family medical history allows an individual to protect themselves from illnesses that are dominant within the family. In the light of the knowledge, steps can be taken to prevent any onset of the illness. This thought arises from the belief that the manifestation of an illness is a combination of  genes, lifestyle and environment. While genetically you may be predisposed to an illness, that illness will not be manifested unless supported by lifestyle and environment. For example; preventive measures in case of diabetes means regular exercise, reducing carbohydrate, reducing stress, not smoking and taking the necessary oils and herbs that will prevent the onset of the disease. While exercise is beneficial to all and proper nutrition should be adhered to, individuals with certain medical history may need to focus on this area more so than others.

   While genetically you may be predisposed to an illness, that illness will not be manifested unless supported by lifestyle and environment conditions.

  • Keep stress to a minimum.  A situation considered to be stressful to one person may not necessarily be stressful to another.  Be knowledgeable of the things that cause you stress and eliminate them from your life. Know your stress limit and stay within it. Stress causes  inflammation. Inflammation leads to organ dysfunction, degeneration and aging. The end result is a reduction in quality of living.

Know your stress limit and stay within it.

  • Listen to your body and eat only what it requires. Overindulgence creates unwanted work for your cells. Cells that are overworked age prematurely. Overindulgence may lead to complications such as diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, and the list goes on. Allow your cells time to rest from their labor.

Overindulgence creates unwanted work for your cells and causes your cells to age prematurely.

  • Keep your mind active. Read regularly. Do not become comfortable or complacent at a given mental state. Challenge yourself to learn something new or to embrace and assimilate a more complex thought. Learn new ways of carrying out routine activities. For example, change your route to work; try to use your left hand more if you are right handed.

Do not become comfortable or complacent at a given mental state.

  • Be careful of the thoughts you generate. Your thought process and by extension world view, can and may work against your health, you attaining wealth and you maintaining meaningful relationships. Encourage thoughts that are positive, uplifting, motivating and empowering. Encourage thoughts of self love and forgiveness. Become that thought that creates oneness and demolishes disunity simultaneously.

Encourage thoughts of self love and forgiveness. 

  • Never compromise your values and principles. Your values and principles are vibrational energy. When you try to compromise your values and principles you are actually embracing principles and values that are not aligned with yours. This leads to disruptive interference that may cause depression and mental illnesses. Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’.

Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no’.

  • Meditate.  The importance of meditation cannot be overemphasized. Get in touch with who you truly are; and what holds meaning and purpose for your life. Strive to achieve your highest self. Cosmic Spirituality makes you live a happier and more meaningful life. Strive to become fully human through Meditative Auto Suggestion (MAS).

Strive to become fully human by an achievement of your highest self.

  • Keep a healthy circle of friends or community. No individual is an island. None of us is able to stand alone. We are all a part of an interconnected cosmos. We are interconnected one to the other. We are one. We can only achieve wellness when we manifest this inter-connectedness in our interpersonal relationships.

None of us is able to stand alone. 

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