About Think Big Coaching Academy

‘Moving Towards Self-governance’ is our underlying theme. Think Big Coaching Academy specializes in one-to-one coaching, group coaching and training life coaches. Our main objective in all areas of coaching is to assist our clients in becoming self-governing. And when we speak of self-governance, we mean developing the ability to bring from within oneself uniqueness and creativity that will enrich every aspect of their life. It doesn’t matter if our coaching is to improve relationships, excel in business, create health, create wealth or personal development; we believe that the person who excels is the individual who can tap into their inner passion and creativity.

While our one-to-one coaching strategy caters for just about anyone, we specialize in two types of group coaching. One of our group coaching is specifically designed for individuals who have arrived at the pinnacle of their religious experience and are desirous of more spiritual connection than religion can afford. We refer to these individuals as the emergent consciousness. Our aim for the emergent consciousness is to assist them in transforming to a self-governing being where they govern themselves within reason and responsibility. The next group coaching is designed to assist small businesses realize their goals.

Coaches are teachers. We use structured exercises, give assignments, and assess our students. The format of our exercises allows us to analyze beliefs, assist our clients in selecting fundamental principles to which they are aligned and the creation of beliefs to achieve desired goals. We make full use of the following techniques:

The Maieutic Technique

The Use of First-Person Communication

Written Assignments

Inspirational/Motivational Quotes

The Maieutic technique is an approach to inquiring. The aim of this technique is to assist the client in bringing forth that which lies within them, but which they are unaware of. First Party Communication helps the client to internalize and emotionalize the knowledge needed to bring about behavioural changes. Inspirational quotes and quotes construction also help with the internalization and emotionalization of the information.

But all this will only bring about the necessary change or desired success if the client is committed to undertaking the course to completion and following the instructions given.

Our methods of communication are online coaching (Zoom or Skype), tele-coaching, email coaching and face-to-face coaching.


Victoria Elizabethaan BA (hons), ALSC, CSLC

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