Meditative Auto Suggestion

Meditative Auto Suggestion On many occasions I have been asked the question ‘How do I meditate?’ There are many meditation exercises and classes available; but I do find that most of these tend to start at such an advanced level that they leave many beginners … after accomplishing the exercises or the classes …  asking ‘How do I meditate?’

In this section we look at meditation from a cosmic consciousness perspective. While daily meditation is extremely good for our well being; it is a Meditative Auto Suggestion (MAS) that brings about a change of state of the consciousness.  This being said, all meditation exercise begins with working on building the attention span and focus. MAS follows this up with auto suggestion which involves creating and  generating thoughts towards one particular task (behavior or conduct), sound or feeling. We refer to this process as Becoming Inspired Regenerative Thought (BIRTH).

Meditative Auto Suggestion

We will start with introducing you to simple or basic general meditation exercises. This should be broken down into five minutes sessions and then the duration should slowly increase as time goes by. Please note carefully that one five minutes meditation exercise to start your day is extremely beneficial. This is especially important for individuals whose days are rather highly stressed.

To begin your meditation exercise, try to ‘silence’ your unwanted thoughts or get between those thoughts as we like to say. There are so many happenings in all of us life … it takes time to learn to ‘silence’ those unwanted thoughts or get between those thoughts. Always acknowledge the thought before attempting to silence it (i.e put the thought to rest for a while).

Music helps us in sharpening our focus and lengthening our  attention span. We get these benefits from music when  we attend to a specific aspect of the musical piece we have selected.

Our beginners exercises seek to sharpen your focus and lengthen your attention span. We have noticed that, over the years, there has been a steady decline in the sharpness of the human brain and the length of attention span. This spells danger for humanity. The consciousness depends on a highly functioning brain for its expansion and evolution. If our brainwaves continue to decline, the consciousness will regress.Depending on the intensity of regression, humanity will not be able to accommodate reason and reflection. Instead, humanity give themselves over to entertainment and hedonism.  When the consciousness regresses there will be an increase in bizarre activities among us and it is very easy for tyranny to assume leadership.  But more importantly, the Archonic regime becomes very active, initiating a destruction that can either annihilate civilization or return the cosmos to rest.

Be very patient with yourself as you go through these meditation exercises. Try to master each step before moving on to the other.

How To Meditate Step 1

Assume a comfortable and relaxed position before beginning.

Meditative Auto Suggestion - Think Big Life Coach Centre

In this meditation exercise,focus your attention on the picture above. Scrutinize its architectural design. Pay keen attention to shapes, color and the mood portrayed. Try to silence the other thoughts as they surface by acknowledging them.

Music to accompany this meditation exercise is provided above but is optional.

Remember, you can only achieve self-governance if you order your life; so when you have mastered step 1 kindly move on to step 2.

Duration of exercise: 5 minutes.




How To Meditate Step 2

Focus  your attention on the piece of music above.  Carefully note the variation in tempo of the tapping sound.

What feeling did this piece of music convey?

Duration of session: 4:15 minutes.


How To Meditate Step 3

Focus your attention on the sound of the water. Try to count the number of bubbling sounds you here. When the sound stops, focus your attention on the picture above for a duration of one minute.

Repeat  x2

Duration of session: 4 minutes


How To Meditate Step 4

In this session, you will be focusing on the variation in the pitch as well as the tempo of this piece of music.

Duration of session:5 minutes

How to Meditate Step 5


In this meditation session, you will be required to focus your attention on the variation in the pitch of this piece of music.

Duration of session: 5 minutes



How To Meditate Step 6

So far, all our meditation exercises has been geared at sharpening your focus and improving your attention span. A sharpened focus is very important if you are desirous of expanding your consciousness.

If you think there is a need to develop your attention span further you can do so before embarking on this exercise.

For meditation step 6 you will be focusing on your breath.

This is preferably done in a calm and relaxing environment. All you need to do is to focus on the rise and fall of your chest with each respiratory cycle.

I hope negotiating this course was rather a success for you.  For your graduation from this section enjoy the following beautiful musical rendition. It is time to move on to Spiritual Meditation, Reflections and Introspection for Adults.

How To Meditate Step 7

This is actually more than one meditation sessions. In each session focus your attention on only one instrument at a time.  Apply all of what you have learnt so far. Pay keen attention to every small detail in sound, pitch and tempo.


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