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Victoria Elizabethaan writes Spirituality Books for individuals who are; interested in life’s meaning and purpose,  spiritually confused, religiously confused,  philosopher at heart: but mostly, she writes for the individual who is an earnest seeker of an inner spiritual transformation so as to experience self governance or self mastery. 

Self-governance comes when you make that CHOICE to take the CHANCE to CHANGE.

In the Rocking Chair – Spirituality Books

Aging is inevitable. Unless we die young, we are going to age. We can slow the manifestations of aging but we cannot slow aging. Aging in and of itself is not a bad thing. What brings on a fear of aging is a lack of preparation for the inevitable.

In the Rocking Chair is an inspirational guide for individuals who are making the necessary preparation or who are in the dawn of this aspect of the life’s cycle. It brings to focus all the necessary preparations that must be undertaken if this period of life should be lived without despair and regret.

The book is arranged using inspirational quotes method so that the information is precise; making each bit of information easy to remember. The format is well suited for the busy individual as well. Being rather precise and pointed, each bit of information prompts action.

In the Rocking Chair; Eliminating Despair from the Retirement Years.

‘Get High On Life’: Get your eBook  Here!

Love, Life, Meaning and Relationships. Inspirational quotes makes self reflection and autosuggestion easy for the busy individual. And ‘Get High on Life’ seeks to do just that. The book addresses many concerns we face in our daily life; empowering its reader to soar instead of becoming overwhelmed.

This books is a perfect gift for youths and young people. 

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The Revelation of the Eternal Realm

All that we see with our natural eyes are temporary. Now we see them…now we don’t. All that we see around us…with time …will unravel and re-assume their simplest forms. But the simplest forms of matter are unseen to the natural eye.

The fact that what we see at this moment can become unseen at any given moment, (and outside of our control),  means that the seen is governed by the unseen.

This is a logic that scientists refuse to accept. And because they do not embrace such thought process, the origin of life and the origin of the world remains a mystery to them. Scientists have faith in those things that can be perceived by the natural senses – what we can see, feel, taste, smell or hear.

Cosmic Spirituality points to the origin of life and the origin of the cosmos. Cosmic Spirituality is able to do this by employing the five spiritual senses -thought, reflection, consideration, reason and power. Cosmic Spirituality recognizes that there is a connection between the seen and the unseen.

Excerpt from the Revelation of the Eternal Realm

Cosmic Spirituality also recognizes that the unseen must be the ultimate possessor of thought (intelligence), reflection (memory), consideration (awareness, understanding and self consciousness), reason (logic and law) and power (feeling, motion and emotion). All this is intriguingly outlined by Victoria Elizabethaan.

Spirituality Books

The Revelation of the Eternal Realm is an inspiring book written by the author during her spiritual journey through the transitional zone that lies between religiosity and spirituality.

Within this book, Victoria outlines the origin, structure and function of the eternal realm and detailed the primordial substance. Inspiration given by the voice is used to answer some key questions that baffles her spirit as she slowly evolved out of a religious consciousness.

How does impurity resides in purity without making purity impure?

What is the origin of impurity and; does impurity really exists?

What is man?

Is Satan a fact or fiction?

Who is Jehovah?

What is man’s purpose?

Having been written during the author’s spiritual transitory phase, one will encounter words such as sin, evil and salvation; howbeit, all the words carry a new definition. It is therefore of much value to individuals who are going through this spiritual transition as it makes for a smoother journey.

The Revelation of the Eternal Realm takes its readers to the pinnacle of the self or religious consciousness and allow them the opportunity to view the ‘promised land’ – the advanced state of the consciousness that all should aspire for. It provides the ‘John the baptist’ experience of preparing the path for the entrance of the good news of the higher kingdom.

The book calls for much introspection and seeking from within. As one reader puts it ‘each sentence could be accompanied by many more sentences.’ But this would defeat the purpose for which the book is written. The book acts as a tool to aid spiritual evolution to an advanced state. The book itself is not an advanced consciousness. It provides information for enlightenment. The advanced consciousness comes through introspection meditation and practice. The book provides thoughts for introspection and words that can empower you.

Excerpt from ‘The Revelation of the Eternal Realm’

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Beyond Religiosity

Beyond Religiosity: A Practical Cosmic Spirituality Approach to Well-being

Beyond Religiosity is a cosmic spirituality practical approach to well being specifically written for individuals who seek not only to be enlightened, but to be empowered as well.  The book may be considered as an exposition of the Gospel of Thomas.  The main goal of Beyond Religiosity is  transforming of the religious mind to a Cosmic thought process in which self governance/mastery prevails.

The book outlines practical steps to aid its readers in taking on the lonesome but highly fulfilling and rewarding journey towards true freedom. The journey towards freedom is the journey towards the final state of humanity, in which humanity governs its affairs according to reason and responsibility in a spirit of oneness. The book focuses on:

  • Embracing a Cosmic perspective on who we are
  • Embracing a Cosmic perspective of others
  • How to become one with the Cosmos and hence live as one

The book is written in a workbook format with many exercises to assist its readers in becoming that Cosmic thought or self governing/mastery being.

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Review of Beyond Religiosity:

I found the book to be extremely well written. Many of the concepts are foreign to me, yet I was able to understand the essence of the material from my basic level of consciousness. If there is one thing I can take away from the script it would be the need to seek after knowledge in order that I can advance spiritually.



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