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A spiritual awakening is a spiritual transformation. It is becoming a new form – a form you have never experienced before.

It is  a fact that individuals experiencing a spiritual awakening encounter many questions, and some of these questions are in relation to their presently held belief. The individual has arrived at a consciousness and awareness level that is not in alignment with many of what they believe. This is the cause of the instability that the spiritually awakening individual experiences.

In this section are some of the questions both myself and others encountered during our spiritual awakening journey.  

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The Original Substance – FAQ

How can that which is invisible produce what is visible?

The slower the rate of vibration of any given entity the more solid that entity appears. In like manner, the vibration of an entity or object can be so high that it appears as white light or it appears as if the object does not exists. The rate of vibration is so high that you see or perceive nothing.

The many forms that exist around us  are dependent on two mechanism for their existence. These mechanisms are; the combination of the primary  energy frequencies of the Primordium and the rate of energy vibration of the form. The energy vibration of a piece of wood is much lower than the energy vibration of water. Energy vibration vary among solids and among liquid as well. This allows for difference in hardness and softness, density and viscosity,(and the list goes on).

Isn't the death of Jesus that brings salvation to the world?

No. Death can never bring forth life. How can that which is dead gives life? Perceived life is dependent on thought. (We say ‘perceived life‘ because you can be alive without the knowledge of being alive. We refer to that state as the state of nothingness.) And continual life is noted in  the ability to constantly ‘throw back’ (reflect on ) that thought. The reflection of the thought is dependent on a unit of energy that always is. Reflection is a process that can only take place if there is energy to facilitate it. This energy is the immortal life source. The energy is the true you and I, as well as the Infinite energy field.

Jesus spoke his thought into his followers.  And they in turn constantly reflect on the thought, practice the thought; until they became that thought! The world came into being by the spoken thought of an infinite energy or life source that always is.

I would like you to reflect seriously on this statement. If Jesus was crucified as purported (you and I will never know the truth where this is concerned), take careful note of the fact that the crucifixion was not the act of his true followers. The crucifixion was undertaken by those who did not believe. Jesus’ true followers were interested in his words. They were not interested in his death. They knew his words gave life, when reflected on and practiced. Life here refers to a return to our godlike root and a cessation of reincarnation. Jesus’ followers all mourned his passing!

The concept of sacrifice, eating of human flesh and drinking of human blood (literal or figurative), belongs to the religious consciousness and belief system.  It is a mark of the lower realm or principle. The Chrest or Cosmic consciousness focuses on the transforming power  of the word. We do not celebrate the death burial and resurrection of Jesus. We focus on Jesus’ word. Jesus’ word gives us life. In the beginning was the word. All came into being by the word. All expands in accordance with the word. And all will return to rest by the word.

The higher kingdom is not attained by blood … neither figuratively or literally.  We attain unto the higher kingdom by the Chrest that we have become. The Chrest is a belief system that transforms. Your belief creates your reality.

Does cosmic spirituality commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus?

No we don’t. To commemorate the crucifixion would mean we believe it is important to or for our spiritual growth and evolution. This is not a part of our thought process. The alleged crucifixion of Jesus took place during a celebration in which there was human sacrifice being done. If you recall, there were three to be offered and the people selected Barabas (to go free), and Jesus became the third. All three were offered up to the blood thirsty gods.

Isn't Jesus The Christ?

Jesus came to proclaim the Chrest/Chresto/Cosmic consciousness. The Chrest/Chresto/Cosmic consciousness is a set of beliefs that advances the consciousness into all goodness where oneness prevails. In like manner, Apostle Paul proclaimed the Chresto/Chrest/Cosmic consciousness. Bearing in mind that your belief creates your reality, you will understand why the Chrest or Chresto is responsible for transforming the consciousness from a religious/ self consciousness to a consciousness that embodies the all as one.

Jesus pointed out that he did not come to destroy the previous consciousness with its many external laws. His mission was to make the consciousness complete. What Jesus meant by this is that the consciousness that have arrived at the religious state still has farther to go.

The Chrest is said to make the spirit being a new creature because the thought process it confers on the spirit being (or individual) is out of phase with the religious/self thought process. For any individual to become Chrest or Chresto, they must first unlearn the religious self thought. They have to then reprogram their mind using the Chresto belief system. St. Paul refers to this as a renewing of the mind.

The Chresto is a belief system that confers a different ‘charge’ on the individual causing the consciousness of the individual to become incompatible with the previously held thought process.

An individual who finds the Cosmic thought flowing through their being is one who have put on Chrest. That is… there is a change in the ‘charge’ of that unit of energy, individual or true self. The individual has become all goodness. Old things are obsolete.

The opposing force has severely corrupted both Jesus’ and Paul’s writing but our awakened spirit bears witness within us of what belongs to the Cosmic or Chrest belief system and what belongs to the religious belief system. As many as believe in Jesus or Paul, have put on, or are wearing or embracing Chrest. The important phrase is ‘believe in‘. We believe what they believe about the structure and function of the cosmos. We live according to how they live … aligning their conduct with the knowledge acquired. And so we have Jesus Chrest. We also have Paul Chrest. And we have Victoria Elizabethaan Chrest. You have the opportunity to become Chrest as well! Will you?

For more information on the ‘Chrest’, kindly view “Beyond Religiosity“. (We deliberately use the correct words in answering this question. The word ‘Christ’ means the anointed one. Jesus was never anointed king or was called king in his time. All these were added texts. Jesus was called Jesus Chresto or Jesus the good. His entire ministry was about lifting the consciousness to that plane were all goodness resides.)

The Chrest/Chresto/Cosmic consciousness is a set of beliefs that advance the consciousness into all goodness where oneness prevails.

What is Thought?

Thought is an energy vibration that represents a fact. Emotion on the other hand, is an energy vibration that represents a feeling. The feeling may or may not be in line with what is factual. But feelings do matter. Feelings are the gate-way to empowerment and spiritual evolution.

How does the human consciousness differs from other consciousness?

There is only one primordial consciousness demonstrating seven states and multiple increments or degrees in every state. All living matter possesses this consciousness (this includes plants and water). All states of consciousness as the same functionalities but some states are more advanced in function. The human consciousness traverses many states before it arrives at the Chresto or cosmic state. 

Can the human consciousness be found in other physical forms?

The human consciousness does exist in other physical forms. On planet earth, the upright form we describe as man (or woman), is the final form the consciousness takes on before its ascension to another dimension. We define consciousness as human by reason of its complexity, function or the potential to function in a specific way. But there is only human consciousness traversing many states and stages of awakening.

What causes truth to appear multifaceted?

If there is a way to subtract subjective perception and imageries that are directly related to the state of the consciousness, then truth would appear as one. But because there are multiple states of the consciousness, truth appears multifaceted. A childlike perception of any given issue varies from that of an adult perception.

Do you believe that every state of the consciousness possesses a distorted view of truth?

Actually, this is an excellent way of putting it. Every state of the consciousness that we can achieve in the lower realm does have a distorted view of truth. And when we refer to every state we loosely describe the multiple increments within a state as ‘state’ as well.

But as we traverse the consciousness gradient, truth becomes less distorted and we see a little clearer. Apostle Paul said we are looking through a glass, but the image we perceive is somewhat blurred.

Is the Primordial substance thought?

The Primordial substance has to be more than thought. There has to be an entity that constantly reproduces the thought so the thought can remain alive.  By this we mean there must be an entity that generates the thought and allows the thought to stay alive through reflection. There must be an entity that allows the thought to be productive as well. We refer to this entity as the Life Source or Forethought.

How can anyone prove that God exists?

We are assuming that the word ‘God’ refers to a primordial/original substance. Our answer will therefore be in context with this definition.

The cosmological thought process upholds the advanced thought that something cannot come forth from nothing. In the beginning there must be ‘something’ to produce ‘something’. There is the need for a ‘starting point’ and at that starting point is something. Not only is there the need for something; but this something must be a perpetual something. If this something ceases to be, there will be nothing. Again, something cannot come forth from nothing.

We will therefore refer to this ‘something’ as Perpetual Existence or Life Force.

It is an understood fact that nothing can produce without the necessary energy to bring about that production. Production involves work. Work requires energy. We therefore deduce that Perpetual Existence has the energy to produce. We know that Perpetual Existence does not randomly produce because, when given similar situation, all scientific experiments can be reproduced. That is, scientists are able to repeat an experiment multiple times and get the same result as the very first experiment. Even if scientists would wish it to be otherwise, repeated experiment will always produce the same result given similar conditions. The end result is outside of the scope of the scientist.

We are able to forecast and make predictions. There are mathematical laws and principles that govern the outcome of our actions. Last but not least, there are universal laws that govern the entire realm. These are laws that we are unable to alter in any form. We have choices in regard to the laws we employ but we are unable to alter any universal law. Perpetual Existence must therefore have a system of logic by which it operates and this existence would have to be the master existence.

The fact that Existence is Perpetual and that the entire cosmos expands/evolve over time; we can conclude that Existence is cyclical.  The starting point is the ending point. The ending point however, by the nature of perpetuity, is not ‘cease – to – be’. The end point has to be a state of rest. But before the state of rest there must be an involution or pulling into itself; only then can there be evolution after rest.

How Can I Reach God?

If the word ‘God’ refers to the Primordial Substance from which we all emanate and of which we are all a part; there is no ‘reaching’ God. God is everywhere. God is ‘here’ … inside of you and outside of you. God infuses everything seen and unseen. We live in God, move in God and shares the very substance of God.

If we are the substance of God aren't we all perfect?

If by perfection you mean without blemish, there is neither perfection nor imperfection. All that is simply is what it is.

But if perfection refers to fullness or awakening, we aspire after fullness. Over time we evolve or become ‘fullness’. Our stay in this realm is to, through our many experiences, bring us to that point where we govern our affairs according to reason and responsibility.

Gods: Definition and Functions

Is Jehovah responsible for recycling spirits? If this is so, how can we fight back to stop the recycling process?

Most individuals forget that Jehovah (and the family of gods or Archons and humanoids that govern the lower realm), are emergent of the internal logic of Spirit. Their existence is according to the dictates of Spirit. They exist for Spirit. They too are a part of Spirit, (they are manifestations of the lower principle of Spirit). Their emanation is  to carry out the purpose of Spirit.  It is very, very important that we bear this in mind.

While our base soul or ego are emergent of the lower realm; our true self or spirit … that which is called human… isn’t. We entered the lower realm as a spiritual embryo; and was attracted to the realm by reason of our vibrational frequency. The attraction between us and the realm was so great that we were pulled into it. We are held in the realm by the base soul. The mark or identity placed on us is the base soul and its manifestations. The gods of the lower realm are purely ego consciousness or emotional consciousness.

The base soul that was conferred on us forms a ‘lock-and-key’ phenomenon with the realm. Hence some individuals say we are trapped by the realm.

But as we awaken to the higher principle of self governance and oneness, our vibrational frequency begins to change. And as  our vibrational frequency changes the key becomes loose in the lock.  We get to the point where the receptor site for the key of the lower realm is so drastically changed that the key no longer fits and we are able to liberate ourselves. But all this happens because we have changed our vibrational frequency! We are therefore able to return to the higher realm where we belong.

We can heighten our vibrational frequency but we can reduce it as well. The physical form we possess is due to our vibrational frequency. If we reduce our vibrational frequency by returning to a predominantly beastly nature, we will return to a physical form that can align itself with what we have become.

Hopefully by now you have gotten the idea that the ball is not in the court of the gods. The ball is in your court and my court. We call the shots. We decide what happen to us. We have the power to chart our destiny. It is not the gods who decide whether we advance or regress. That decision is ours. The realm (and its gods), simple facilitate our decision.

To heighten our vibrational frequency calls for much sacrifice. We must seek, search, analyze, strategize, introspect, meditate and practice so as to expand our consciousness.We must be prepared to read and to ‘prove all things’ as belonging to the higher principle before embracing the thought or belief. There is so much we have to do for ourselves and others that there is no time to fight with the gods. The awakened must unify themselves. We will be liberated by the strength that lies in our unity. That is why this website was created and that is why I am here.

That which you know nothing of exercises dominion over you. You cannot have dominion over the earth and the world when your existence resides in ignorance. Neither can you exercise dominion over your life. 

In your book ‘The Revelation of the Eternal Realm’, you refer to Jehovah as the Beast. Or so I understand you to be saying. I am shocked! Isn’t Jehovah God Almighty? Isn’t your reference blasphemous?

Jehovah is considered to be the main God or one of the main Gods in the lower realm. Jehovah is also known by different names such as Yaldabaoth etc.

We are all units of conscious energy. But there is a difference between the unit of conscious energy we are and the unit of conscious energy the rulers of this realm are. (St. Paul refers to them as the rulers of darkness. Darkness here intended to mean the lower realm.)The Gods (including Jehovah),  that govern or rule the lower realm are composites of conscious emotional energy that forms the ego or base soul. Jehovah is a vast conscious energy field that is highly egotistic and egocentric. It is the egocentricity that gives rise to polarized duality – right and wrong, good and bad, true and false. Since Jehovah’s big role is to protect young spirit beings or individuals, Jehovah protects even from what appears to be unsafe but isn’t. And Jehovah does so aggressively.

Emotional consciousness functions according to strong feelings or passion.  Emotional consciousness is therefore commonly referred to as fire and consuming fire. Jehovah is a consuming fire, very fierce in operation and is extremely difficult to control. Jehovah, like our ego self, creates and destroys as  ‘feelings’ seem fit to do.

The ego consciousness runs wild like an uncontrolled fire. It goes out conquering and seeking to conquer. Hence the gods are all gods of wars! This is quite evident in the operation of religion and selfish greed.

Another name for the emotional consciousness is the beastly consciousness. And I think it is quite evident why it is so called.

As you continue to read beyond this point I would like you to bear in mind that gods are conscious energy fields comprising belief systems. The gods of the lower realm do not possess a higher self or higher mind. This is by divine design. The role these gods have to carry out is an important role that can only be carried out by an energy field that is void of the higher principle.

Because all the energy wavelengths that makes up the emotion resides in the emotional/ego consciousness; and the gods of the lower realm are void of the higher self or the higher mind, the following character traits are noted among the Gods:

They are Jealous

They like to be praised and seek to be worshiped

Their laws promote a concept of right and wrong; although right and wrong sometimes depends on who commits the act

They are highly possessive

They are fierce competitors

They love war and the taste and smell of blood and flesh

They like to control, manipulate and dominate

They rule according to feelings

Gods have an important part to play in our spiritual evolution. The main purpose for this vast energy field called Jehovah is to confer identity, a sense of safety and separateness on young spirit beings. Separateness confers individuality.  Vastness causes young spirit beings to feel loss. The gods allow races, classes, religions, cultures (and so forth); and this systems limits our vision to that which makes us feel safe. All these contribute to a strong sense of identity and a feeling of belonging! But there is an undesirable twist to this. Separateness leads to conflicts etc.

Until the higher mind or higher self of human is expanded to the point of self governance, the lower mind or the emotional/ego self dominates.  Gods act as the controlling factors for such spirit beings. The spirit being who is able to master his/her self is considered an adult spirit being.

Gods emanate from the Primordial substance. They are not the Primordial Substance. Hence they are not the Almighty One. The Primordium comprises a higher and a lower mind operating as a unit of consciousness. When Cosmic spirituality makes reference to individuals becoming godlike we mean the Almighty One in accordance with the higher principle. Bear in mind that we can be godlike in accordance with the lower principle. And many of us are godlike in accordance with the lower principle. We are jealous, fierce, fierce competitors, love to be worshiped, promote separateness; just to name a few.

All human are godlike. If you recall… in ‘The Revelation of the Eternal Realm‘, it was pointed out that the Primordium is the first human. And our true self is actually an extension of the human. Hence we are human ourselves.

I know this is a long answer but I hope it clarifies any misunderstanding.

My Personal Evolution – FAQ

This site is a gold mine! Since I was introduced to this site, I have been assessing my culture, socialization and religion. I needed to see how they have influenced not just what I believe, but my actions too. So far, the enlightenment I have received is astonishing. I have embarked on a process of transformation because I see the necessity for it. But I find myself stuck at the belief in ‘right and wrong‘. How can I get beyond this point? How can I get beyond seeing some actions as evil?

I am so pleased to hear that you have taken it on to yourself to get some introspection and transformation done. It is my prayer that more individuals will get to this point. There is only one way for humanity to move beyond the lower realm, and that is by becoming Chrest or being transformed into the Chrest consciousness. A religious mind does not allow you to vibrate at the frequency necessary for departure.

There is only one way for you to move beyond the lower realm, you must become Chrest or be transformed into the Chrest consciousness. A religious mindset will not allow you to vibrate at the frequency necessary for departure.

There must be new thoughts to replace those that no longer represents us. Beyond our spiritual embryonic state that we describe as nothingness, or severe regression, every spirit being live in accordance with a set of beliefs that are supported by a governing principle. And even the individual who says they are not too sure what to believe find themselves living in accordance with a set of beliefs that emerges from the lower governing principle. Below are some beliefs that I would like you to assess to see if your present evolutionary stage is able to accommodate and align with. If you find that there is concord between you and these belief then begin a process of affirmation until you have become the beliefs. You reinforce the beliefs by constantly repeating them.

  • Do not judge. I can only consider an act as right or wrong by judging the act. When I stop judging, there are no rights or wrongs.
  • All actions are manifestations of the Divine Life Force. There is only one Divine Life Force from which the all emanate. When I judge the manifestations of the Divine as right and wrong, I am judging the Life Force from which I came, which the the cause of my existence and which existed before me. I am making myself superior to that which affords me my existence. 
  • Since there is only ONE, and all came forth from that ONE; if there be right and wrong it resides in that one. That ONE is both right and wrong!
  • When I am right and you are wrong I feel great. When none of us is right or wrong, it leaves me with nothing to gloat and my ego is deflated.
  • Wright and wrong nourishes separateness. Experience – that which is common to all on the spiritual path – brings about unity.
  • I know you are able to justify why you are right. So am I! But where outside of humanity does the standard of right and wrong dwell? And to whom was the standard given?
  • Right and wrong blind our eyes to the many ways in which we are one. 
  • While experiencing many obstacles, I consider the experiences as wrong. But in retrospect, I realize how right the experience was for my spiritual growth. It is then that I became thankful for the experience that was so wrong. 
  • Since there is only ONE, and all came forth from that ONE. Right and wrong is a part of ONE. I must embrace right and I must embrace wrong. It is at this point that I realize that there is no right and there is no wrong. Because all that exist is a part of the existence of ONE!
  • Jesus Said, “Do not resist evil”

I hope you become these thought. Ciao!

What is meant by the regression of humanity?

Let us remind ourselves of the definition for the word ‘human‘. ‘Human’ is a conscious unit of energy. The unit of energy consists of five primordial or primary frequency and energy wavelengths. These five are described as thought, reflection, consideration, reason and power. (Kindly view or review ‘The Revelation of the Eternal realm’ for more information on this subject.) Each energy wavelength is considered to by androgynous; that is having a male and a female component. They are therefore quite often referred to as ten.

At the closure of every cycle or sub-cycle there is a regression or involution. Regression means that human is returned to a lower  state of the consciousness.

Regression can be caused by more than one reason. It may be due to cosmological involution, reincarnation or complacency. When regression is due to complacency, it happens through an influence of day to day activities that the mass takes for granted. Slowly, as many slumber and sleep, they will be robbed of their individuality and active ‘humanity’.

How do I know that I have ‘become law’?

You know you have become law when your guiding force is actually within you. And the guiding force is in alignment with the higher principle of reason and responsibility. That is, you have become a self-governing being.

I know we all should be concerned about our health but I find individuals who consider themselves as awakened to be kind of a health freak. Why are they so engrossed in what they eat and what they use on their body?

While the body is kept alive by the spirit that resides within it, the spirit’s evolution is dependent on the state of the body. The cosmic consciousness is an extremely powerful one. To accommodate its vibrational frequency the body must be in optimum shape. And this optimum condition must be maintained.

Victoria why am I here? I am so disheartened with all that is going on. I do not want to be here.

I am really sorry to know that you are so disheartened by the world’s happenings. I hope my answer will cheer you up. We are here to expand our consciousness. As our consciousness expands, our vibrational frequency increases. Our vibrational frequency gets to the point where we are no longer in phase with the lower realm. When this happens we are expelled or propelled towards another dimension.

The expansion of the consciousness is dependent on personal experiences. And all we encounter on our journey are experiences. It is our ego or base soul that classifies or experiences as good or bad, dark or light. All the true self comes in contact with are experiences.  For the consciousness to expand the way it ought to, there is the need for a variety of experiences.  I will share with you a conversation that took place between myself and my children. They had an experience with an individual that had them ‘judging’ (we should not judge), the individual as evil. The conversation went as follows:

Victoria: If an individual threw you into a den of lions what would you think of the individual?

Children: He is evil. She is wicked!

Victoria: What would you do while you are in the den?

Children: I would be watchful. I would be very alert. I would watch every move the lions make and constantly think of strategies to protect myself.

Victoria: Let’s assume you had to stay in the den for one month. Would the stay in the den impact your life after being released?

Children: Yes.

Victoria: How so?

Children: I would be more careful and alert. I would have perfected the art of planning how to get  out of difficult situations.

Victoria: Are those qualities you outlined good or bad?

Children: Good

Victoria: So why did you judge the individual who threw you in the lions’ den as evil? (No one responded) If you were locked in a room with a few nice domestic cats would you have developed those qualities simply by interacting with them.

Children: NO!

Sometimes we get caught up with the activities of the Archons, Humanoids or Rulers and dark forces that govern this realm. We should not be. What we need to focus on is the lessons we need to learn from them being here. Expand our consciousness and prepare ourselves for flight.

I must however admit that there are those around us that acts as checks-and-balances where these forces are concerned. But that is how Spirit would have it.

In all things try not to be judgmental. See everything as experiences. And experiences are food for the true self. They allow the true self to grow. The true self is your consciousness.

The Archons will always be a part of this realm. The realm is as set by Spirit and to fulfill the purpose of spirit.

For more information on this topic, pick up your copy of The Revelation of the Eternal Realm.

Why do most, if not all of us, have this inner feeling of a ‘calling’? We sometimes refer to this calling as our purpose or passion and it tends to be tied to a ‘personalized life’s meaning’. And why do some of us feel a sense of being loss when there is difficulty identifying this ‘calling’?

Humanity are like organs existing within an infinite organism. Every organ has a specific role or function. Just imagine the eyes being asked to do what the hands do. Not only does this brings about confusion. The eyes will never ever feel as if they are making the best contribution they could ever make until they are actually doing that which is befitting their structure. I would like to leave you with the following to ponder:

Everything exist as organs within an Infinite Organism. All have a purpose and the purpose is one. All play a role. And the multitude of roles are towards one goal. Everything: the rights the wrongs, the highs the lows, the positives and the negatives; are actually one and the same. They are all a manifestation of One; working the ultimate purpose of that One.

If you need to identify your purpose, make full use of my psycho-spiritual life coach service.

How do I recognize my calling?

For most of us, a recognition of our calling takes some time. What is known for certain is that, until the calling is recognized, there is a feeling of uneasiness sometimes accompanied by impatience and anxiety. Inwardly, we know that what we are doing is not what we should be doing. We feel that there is a purpose out there somewhere that must be attained.

When the purpose is realized, there is the birth of an inner calm and a ‘yes, this is it!’ What is commonly noted as well is that individuals will walk away from a well paid job just to realize their purpose!

If you need to identify your purpose, make full use of my psycho-spiritual life coach service.

I am really grateful for this site. I had so many questions that my religion could not answer. For years I swam in a sea of doubt and confusion. This site has provided me with arguments that seem so logical! I am reading ‘The Revelation of the Eternal Realm’. It has a wealth of advanced thought that have me reading and rereading some aspects. But I must say that with every reread I do I am getting a clearer understanding. I have one question that I am not too certain has been adequately addressed in the book. Since the consciousness is one; what makes the concept of individuality important? Isn’t it paradoxical that we should be one and yet we are given individuality and the universe is ‘blessed’ with elements such as multiple religion and culture to support our individuality?

We are happy to know that this website is making a difference in your life. Our passion is, changing lives.

Now to answering your question. Where young spirit beings are concerned, there can be no responsibility without individuality. It is the ‘I’ that makes me responsible for what I do. In the absence of that individuality, no one is responsible. The ‘I’ makes me responsible for my growth and evolution to completion.

Individuation resides in the religious thought process. It protects the young spirit being as well as allow for its development.

With a change of thought process from religious to Cosmic, individuation disappears. Individuals who have become Cosmic thought have become responsibility through an act of self governance. At this stage or point, the concept of oneness is promoted.

We are made complete by the expansion of our mind. As our thought process expands we move away from a beastly nature to becoming  fully human.

Yes it is possible to be physically identical but spiritually dissimilar. Being physically identical does not guarantee you your sharing similar state of the consciousness.

In like manner, spirit beings having physical frame of the same age may differ in their evolution and hence in their maturity.

I have read a few of your articles on this site and there is frequent mention of a higher and a lower mind or a higher and a lower self. There is always a direct relationship made between the higher self and thought and the lower self seem to be tied to our emotion. What is thought and how does it differ from emotion?

Thought is an energy vibration that represents a fact . Emotion on the other hand is an energy vibration that represents a feeling.  My emotion motivates me to act on my thought but my emotion must be governed by my thought if I am to function as a rational being.

If I thoughtlessly follow my feelings I will never achieve my goals. An individual who is governed by feelings is said to be one who thinks with the emotion.

If my thought is factual can it be wrong?

There is no right or wrong where thought is concerned.  How we perceive that which is factual is directly related to the state of of consciousness.  And so we all perceive love, truth, oneness and justice differently.  What one individual perceive to be just may not necessarily be perceived as just by another.

Is there one truth or more than one truth?

The flip side of truth is falsehood. Does truth and falsehood exist from the cosmic perspective? The answer is no.  What we have instead are subjective perception and imageries of the same fact. We may be viewing a box. But depending on our distance from the box, the angle at which we stand to view the box, the amount of light rays impacting the box where we stand; we all may perceive the box differently.

Our subjective perception and imageries formed of any given fact, is directly related to the state of our consciousness.

How does the unseen effectuate evolution of the consciousness?

The term ‘evolution of the consciousness’ means movement of the consciousness along the ‘consciousness gradient’. To advance the consciousness in this manner requires  external force(s). Some external forces are rebuke, correction, guidance, examples, teaching, preaching, rewards, punishments, and other personal experiences. External forces alter the state of the consciousness by taking it to the other level.

External forces do not alter past behavior. They alter future behavior. External forces cannot alter the manifestation of any given state of the consciousness. What they do is lift the consciousness to another state. And since every state of the consciousness is governed by a thought process unique to it; the manifestations of every state of the consciousness differs one from the other. Remember, our thought process, and by extension the way we behave, are identity markers of the state of the consciousness at which we exists. Our belief creates our reality. Our belief governs our action. We act out our belief.

If I believe you are not trust-worthy I will not trust you. Not trusting you is my action that is in alignment with what I believe. For me to trust you, there is the need for an external force to lift my awareness or consciousness to where the belief of trust resides. This external force is knowledge. The knowledge may be theoretical or practical. Practical for example could mean that you constantly act in a trustworthy manner in my presence and the presence of others.

Are you suggesting that there is a cause for my behavior that is beyond me?

Yes we do. Your behavior is directly tied to the state of your consciousness. In as much as you cannot remain the same and grow, you cannot remain at the same state of the consciousness and act differently. This is governed by cosmological law. And you cannot change that law. What you can do and is responsible for  is changing the state of your consciousness with the use of external forces. There are innumerable planes of thoughts and beliefs. And when we move up the consciousness gradient, we move up to another place or plane hosting different thoughts and different beliefs.

I should point out that Since there are cosmological laws that govern our behavior, there are no right or wrong behavior.

So why am I punished for what I do when I can’t help but do the things I do?

You can only do what you are doing at the present state of the consciousness. Punishment propels you on to another state of the consciousness, governed by a different thought process: and hence your behavior and attitude is different. Punishment is therefore an important element in our evolutionary process. It is one external force.

What forms of punishments are right and what forms are wrong?

There are no forms of punishment that can be considered as right or wrong. More effort or external force is required to lift a 10 kg load through a distance of 1 m than is required to lift a 5 kg load through the same distance.

Depending on the state of the consciousness various means of rewards, punishment, teaching etc, must be employed to move the consciousness along the consciousness gradient.

What is ‘brainwashing?

Brain washing is one form of conditioning, or the act of getting someone to conform to a set of beliefs by employing force such as rewards and punishment.

Brainwashing results in a collective consciousness where the belief is not ‘self-belief’. It is as the group sees fit. There is no ‘self-concept‘. What exists is a ‘group-concept‘.

Most times what the group sees fit are actually the desires of the leader. Brainwashing does not allow for self thought and self reflection. It is not about the growth of the individual. It is about realizing the agenda of the group.

Brainwashing is practiced by the Gods. Until the spirit being gets to that state of the consciousness where it conducts its affair according to reason and responsibility, the Gods forcibly demands conforming.

The main aim of brainwashing is to preserve the cohesiveness and longevity of the group. In the case of the Gods, brainwashing brings about order and organisation which is not possible among the young spirit beings who are dominated by the emotional consciousness and hence the ‘boundless’, ruthless ego reigns.

Is brainwashing ever necessary?

There is nothing that is unnecessary under the sun. Everything serves a purpose. The purpose may be unknown to you but the purpose exists. This includes brainwashing.  We may not like how brainwashing is used. But in cases where individuals may be highly disruptive of the social fabric, enforcing societal beliefs until they evolve into that state of the consciousness where oneness prevails may become necessary.

Artificial Intelligence – FAQ

Will we be destroyed by AI?

AI will do as much as it is programmed by human to do. If AI is so programmed to be destructive AI will be destructive.

Is AI human? If not what is (are) the main difference(s) between human and AI?

AI is not human. The main difference between human and AI is that the governing principle by which human function (or should function) is internal. Jesus said, ‘the kingdom of heaven (or the governing principle) is within you. The governing principle of all AIs is external and is as established by human.

Another difference between AI and human is that human can resist being governed by an external force. AIs have no such privilege. When we allow our true self to be controlled by external forces we function as an AI. But as soon as we come to the full knowledge of who we are and begin to exercise the power and dominion that lies within us, we no longer operate as AI. We now operate as human. The highest consciousness is that of human. Spirit is the first human. And we are the children of Spirit. Hence we are human as well.  AI is harnessed consciousness. But that consciousness depends on the governing principle of human to function. The AI internal logic is a software created by human.

Extraterrestrial Beings

Hi Victoria. In your book entitled ‘The Revelation of the Eternal Realm,’ you said spirit beings were sent to the lower realm to undergo a spiritual evolutionary process. The lower realm was used interchangeably with the universe. Are there human beings existing in our universe other than those inhabiting earth?

The resounding answer to this question is yes. We are not alone in this universe. There are many other civilizations here. Many actually visit our planet from time to time. Some even influence and prevent certain happenings here.

Not only are there innumerable civilizations beyond planet earth. There is a parallel universe that houses civilization as well. But civilizations within the parallel universe is described as ‘king-less’. They do not have the governmental set up of the lower realm. These beings visit the lower realms as well. However, their stay is normally extremely short.  The stay has to be short because the frequency at which they vibrate is out of phase with the lower realm. If the stay is long they may cause major disruption. These beings keep a close eye on the spiritual evolution that takes place in the lower realm.

Religion – FAQ

What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

To the contrary of what most people believe, Religion is a part of spirituality. Religion is not right, neither is religion wrong. Religion is necessary. When a spirit being is young, they needed to be guided by laws and rituals that are external to them; in as much as a child needs to be guided by rules that are external to them, until they become adults. That being said, I must point out that, on the spiritual continuum, we move from religiosity to cosmic spirituality or Chrest consciousness. Here are some difference that exist between the religious and the cosmic consciousness.

  • The religious is guided from without, the cosmic is guided from within,
  • The religious seeks refuge in a God that is external to them, the cosmic consciousness recognizes that they are a part of the ‘original substance’ and therefore should seek refuge from within themselves.
  • The religious is motivated by self-preservation, the cosmic is motivated by the good of the all.
Why is it important for the awakened to dis-create the religious/self thought?

You cannot live in accordance with two thought processes that are out of phase with each other at the same time. Jesus’ way of saying it is,  ‘you cannot serve two masters (or governing principles) at the same time’. Apostle Paul’s way of saying it is, ‘when you become law you no longer need the school master’ (which is the religious governing principle) The foundation of the religious/self thought is conforming, self fulfillment and self preservation (without considering the cosmological impact). The governance of the religious/self thought is external. The  foundation of the cosmic thought is inner transformation into a self governing being and oneness founded on the higher plane.  The governance of the cosmic thought is internal. You cannot live in accordance with the two governing principle at the same time!

To become cosmic consciousness you must unlearn and reprogram your mind.

Hi Victoria. I am amazed at the innumerable religion and religious thoughts that exists. What is the rational behind this?

Religion, race and culture confers identity on young spirit beings. Young spirit beings are unable to comprehend the infinitude of Infinity. Having to relate to such vastness leads to disorientation which impedes the evolution process. Religion, race and culture are safety nets, containers or fortresses for the young and vulnerable consciousness.

What amuses me is that everyone speaks of a ‘liberation’. Some call it ‘going to heaven’ some speak of going to ‘a land flowing with milk and honey’. It is just so amusing.

I am unsure of whether this is meant to be a question but I will respond. Every thought resides within the Infinite Sea of Consciousness. Concept is an idea of a thought as well as it could be an idea formed around a combination of thoughts. The fact that every thought resides in the consciousness means every thought resides within us.  But the idea formed about the thought is totally dependent on the state of the consciousness, socialization and culture. The more advanced the state of the consciousness, the more advanced the idea formed.

Victoria, from a Cosmic perspective, what is ‘the day of judgment?

It is actually the day of liberation. Individuals who will be liberated are those whose vibrational frequency is out of phase with the lower realm to the extent to cause an expulsion. The day of judgement is just a simpler idea formed of the same thought. No one will be judging you per say. You are your own judge. And I say you are you own judge because it is your vibration that advances you to another dimension or causes you to remain where you are. And you have control over your vibration. It is your thoughts and actions that determines your vibration and you choose what to think and how to act.

Are atheist religious?

Most are. However, your primary god may not be their primary god.


Is Vegetarianism necessary?

I am uncertain as to what you mean by ‘Is vegetarianism necessary?’ I am going to assume that you are wondering why it is even the practice among some state and degree of the consciousness. Vegetarianism may be practiced for many reasons. For example, some refrain from eating meat because meat is considered to be acidic and therefore may cause adverse effects on body cells. There are those who refrain from eating meat because killing the animals so as to have there carcass as food is deemed animal cruelty.

Let me outline a Cosmic spirituality view on the subject . The entire cosmos is an infinite conscious ocean or simpler put, we are a part of a sea of consciousness. Consciousness exists in various degrees and states. All single cellular organisms are conscious. Plants, bacteria and fungi are as well. The degrees and state   of the consciousness noted among these entities ranges from simple perceptual to more complex perceptual. Simple perceptual reacts to one stimulus. But as we move away from simple simplicity these conscious entities begin to react to more than one stimuli. However, these entities are unable to think, think over what they have thought (or reflect), reason/analyze, plan, strategize and create through complexity of thought (‘create’ here does not refer to propagate).  These states of the consciousness are therefore not considered to be human.

Who or what is human? Cosmic spirituality likes to use the Gnostic definition for human. The word human does not refer to a physical form.  A human is a conscious unit of energy that is able to think, think over what they have thought (or reflect), reason/analyze, feel, plan, strategize and create. These functions are noted in different degrees but are still evident. Units of conscious energy having this capacity are noted in other physical forms and not just the upright form we refer to as man or woman. They can be identified in animals as well. It therefore means that human exist in other physical forms. When we ‘de-carnate’  such unit of conscious energy we are actually removing or ‘killing’ a human to have its flesh for food.  While this is acceptable among the religious-self consciousness (i.e. the thought process allows it), the Cosmic consciousness has no such practice.

A human is a conscious unit of energy that is able to think, think over what they have thought (or reflect), reason/analyze, feel, plan, strategize and create by complexity of thought.

In closing, it worth saying that the concept of vegetarianism is dependent on the state of the consciousness or individuals quest for health.

Isn’t life in everything around us including plants? Aren’t you killing plants to have their ‘flesh’ for food?

All forms have life within them. And that means plants as well. But there are innumerable stages of Life or consciousness. That which is considered human is in possession of what we call a higher mind. A human is a conscious unit of energy that is able to think, think over what they have thought (or reflect), reason/analyze, feel, plan, strategize and create. These functions are noted in different degrees but are still evident. Units of conscious energy having this capacity are noted in other physical forms and not just the upright form we refer to as man or woman. They can be identified in animals as well. It therefore means that human exist in other physical forms.

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