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The kingdom of heaven is within you! Enlightenment, meditation and empowerment are prerequisites to conscious living.


All forms of evolution is dependent on the expansion and advancement of knowledge. When our belief is fixed or immovable, it hinders the expansion of knowledge. Your growth is dependent on knowledge advancing.


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Something in my life needs to change. I am the only one that can change it. I must change it. And I know I can change it. The kingdom of heaven is within me. So I will change it.


At the origin and foundation of all things lies no antagonism and no duality.


In the absence of knowledge of the laws governing the cosmos, humanity experience the laws of the cosmos as chaos.


Ignorance of cosmic Laws is no excuse. The laws continue to impact your life, but the impact may be detrimental to you.


When you become aware of the laws governing the cosmos, you can use those laws to order your life.


Chaos is not lawlessness. We experience chaos when cosmological laws are not controlled by Human mind.


The individual who refuses to read and the individual who cannot read has this in common…they are both lacking in knowledge.


Victoria Elizabethaan's Favorite Quotes


I am seen and unseen.

When that which is seen unravels and assumes its simplest form,

My unseen continues to be

I am life perpetual


When thought evolves, conduct matures

When understanding deepens, life is enriched.


Every belief system comprises at least some laws and principles that are common to all.

But only the cosmic consciousness is able to explain these principles in a way that they unifies the all.


Our evolution is driven by the desire to become complete.

It is by desire that we achieve.


Victoria Elizabethaan's Favorite Quotes

As a child growing up in elementary school the following song was sung second place to the national anthem;

‘No man is an island

No man stands alone

Each man’s joy is joy to me

Each man’s grief is my own

We need one another

So I will defend

Each man as my brother

Each man as my friend’

Today I revel in the thought

We are not alone

There are countless others like us

Living on planets like us

Who seek to help us

The thought process of an individual is an identity mark of the state of the consciousness

This makes humanity’s behavior not erratic

But rather predictable

My cosmic spirituality has prompted me to set boundaries for myself

I recognize that every action is governed by law

I choose to make alive within me only those laws that lead to a desirable cosmic manifestation.

Many there be to talk to people. Few there be that can truly facilitate a change.


It is the religious consciousness that seeks a god to worship. It is the religious consciousness that makes gods out of men, women and material possessions.

The religious consciousness seeks not only to serve,

But to be served

Victoria Elizabeth

Religion instills fear to conform until you are transformed.

Victoria Elizabethaan

Victoria Elizabethaan's Favorite Quotes


Let me show you the way.


Victoria Elizabethaan's Favorite Quotes


I consider the statement “We cannot change others”,  a fallacy.

We can change others.

In fact, we are changing others daily,

In as much as we ourselves are being changed by others.

We are constantly being impacted by external forces that either makes us stronger or weaker.



As male as I am, I am a woman.

I am thought and reason,

But I am emotion as well


My cosmic purpose is to be that medium through which the Christ may be channeled.



My cosmic purpose has taken over my entire being.

I walk my purpose

I talk my purpose

I sleep my purpose and

I laugh my purpose


Victoria Elizabethaan's Favorite Quotes

When it comes to the acquisition of money the beast is rather fierce

There is no such thing as character

There are no fellowmen

Kill is sweet and

God is forgotten.

Victoria Elizabethaan's Favorite Quotes


Trials and testings allow our character to bloom,

Embrace them.


Victoria Elizabethaan's Favorite Quotes

We are one people

Sharing the very substance of One

The air we breathe

The beauty and majesty we see

We laugh the same laugh

And cry the same cry

Together we grope … as if in darkness

Searching for meaning, purpose, unity and harmony

And when the light does shine

It shines for all of us to see

Your failure is my failure

And where you succeed

I succeed

Let us embrace our oneness

That is the only way we are going to be free.





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