Spiritual Meditation – Meditative Auto Suggestion (MAS) 

Are you desirous of lasting change? Do you find yourself reliving old habits and practices you earnestly are no longer interested in? Are unhealthy habits making you depressed? Meditative Auto-Suggestion is the key to your personal and spiritual growth. MAS provides you with permanent spiritual change that improves your health and lifestyle.You can become that individual you dream of becoming. You can achieve your goal. Meditative Auto Suggestion changes your vibrational frequency to that which you aspired for.

MAS differs from other meditations in that the focus is a thought instead of your breath, an objector a piece of music. The focal thought is not just any thought. The focal thought comprises your intention. In Cosmic spirituality, intention refers to a plan of action that brings about completeness, satisfaction, heals or allows an individual to achieve a goal. Take careful note of the fact that intention is a plan to act on a need. The plan incorporates steps or methodology with daily activities. Daily activities are important because intention cannot become a reality if it is in the past or the future. Intention must be ever present to be achieved. Below is a MAS plan of action to get you started .

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MAS: Action Exercise

I am aware of the fact that the law of the universe does not recognize exclusion. The only thought of mine that the law identifies with is inclusion. My focal thought cannot be on what I do not want. My focal thought must be on what I desire. My focal thought must be on what I intend to achieve.  My intention must remain in the present. This means that my intention must be aligned with my present activity.  My action must support my intention. And my intention must always be kept in the present. If my intention is in the past or the future, I will not achieve that which I intended. 

Everyday I will engage in activities that are in alignment with my intention. My intentions are:

  1. ____________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________
  3. ____________________________________________

At the end of the day I will document the activities that were in line with my intentions. I will start that documentation today.

MAS can be carried out just about anywhere but most suggest that the initial auto suggestion is done in a calming area. The intention is repeated over and over again. With each repetition the desire is constantly on the increase. We know our desire is being strengthened when our feeling towards the thought is getting stronger. It is the feeling that prompts us to act or take action. If during MAS doubtful thought or fear arises, document these and create a plan of action to overcome them. If assistance is needed, drop us a line in regards to setting up formal coaching.

After MAS initiation, MAS may be carried out throughout the day. This is done by constantly focusing your thought on your intention and repeating the intention in a timely manner.

  Below are meditation and introspection exercises to assist you on your spiritual journey. When constructing your thought of intent, remember to use the first person language style. This affords you the opportunity to personalize the thought.

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Introduction To Daily Introspection Exercises (DIE)

Meditation Exercises

This post offers multiple Daily Introspection Exercises (DIE), that assists an individual with self unification.  Self unification is important for us to vibrate at that energy frequency identified as ‘fully human’. The post is geared towards assisting beginners on the cosmic spiritual journey.

A big part of becoming self governing resides in wholeness. You must become a unified whole. The higher kingdom is the residence of a king-less race. And so you must become self governing.


Throughout this website you will encounter reference being made to humanity being a conscious unit of energy. I was asked the question recently by a teenager, ‘What if I am not unified within myself?’

To share the answer given I suggest you consider  a light bulb for a moment. When the filament of the light bulb is ignited it gives light in all direction.  The light however, does not travel much distance. There is light only for the immediate surrounding.

Lets consider the flashlight. The flashlight has a light bulb which is housed in a concave mirror.  The use of the mirror allows the beams to become parallel and to travel in one direction. This parallel unidirectional flow increase the intensity of the beams. They are therefore able to travel a longer distance.


A laser beam is able to do even more than the flash light.  Laser beams on earth can affect planes travelling hundreds of miles away.

What does this mean for the conscious unit of energy we are?

It means the more focused we become the more advanced our awareness and the more things we are able to get done. A focused individual will always accomplished that which should be accomplished. We must be unified in thought to facilitate a cosmic spiritual evolution.

When our energies are scattered it dampens our awareness and we are unable to accomplish much. Just as scattered beams crisscross each other our beams (thoughts), crisscross each other. Our various beliefs  bombard one other as is noted in individuals who have entered the transition phase that exists between two consciousness states.

On this site we refrain from categorizing experiences and emotions as good or bad. We are of the belief that what is just is; and that everything … all our experiences and emotions … are given for a reason. Nothing under the sun that we experience is just to cause us pain and suffering with no higher purpose. We learn from all our experiences  and this relate to illnesses as well.

One such ‘so called illness’ is depression. Depression may be the cause of many things, and may be of a physical nature such as hormonal imbalance. However, most depression is of a spiritual nature. By spiritual we mean that which is intangible … our consciousness, awareness, thought process and emotion. (Our emotion is also considered as mind and a part of our thought process but this is considered the lower mind).

Here we outline some spiritual causes of depression.

The dampened awareness mentioned above is one cause for depression.


Spiritual Meditation

Crisscross beams also causes depression.  When beams bombard each other some of the energy they possess is liberated and converted to other forms of energy. This weakens the strength of the beam.

Beams that are colliding may also be out of phase with each other – another cause for depression.

As we seek to recreate ourselves into a wholesome being, we will be alleviating some depression as well. The more awareness of ourselves we build, the less our depression. You should therefore consider addressing depression from a spiritual level before attempting to ‘pop a pill’. The pill will alleviate the feeling of being depressed but it does not address the bombardment of energy beams or the fact that they may be out of phase with each other.

Remember, depression allows us the opportunity to enter within ourselves through meditation, reflection and introspection. As we engage ourselves in this way, we become more aware and our spirit moves to a higher height.

This post carries many sessions for reflections that will assist with self alignment. A depressed individual cannot evolve spiritually. Remember, I furnish you with the ingredients. You are required to prepare your own meal.

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The Benefits of Spiritual Meditation Part 1

Spiritual Meditation

Meditation is extremely important to our spirituality. It helps to build our awareness and helps us take control of our lives. People who engage in frequent meditation exercises are more efficient and effective at what they do. They are able to get more done within a day; and life becomes more meaningful. As will be seen in part 2 of this discussion, there are many health benefits linked to meditation.

Some preparations before embarking on your meditation exercises are necessary. Always wear something comfortable. You may be assuming a particular position for a considerable amount of time so your clothing should be loose enough to aid in circulation. So as to maintain your alertness, ensure you are not very tired and, if you must eat, have a light meal. Until you have developed the art of meditation always select a calm, quite and comfortable surrounding.

Here is an article that further outlines the importance and benefits of meditation.

This link may take a little while to open.


Remember, meditation does not subtract valuable time from your life. It adds valuable time through assisting you with organisation and self governance.


Some Benefits of Spiritual Meditation Part 2

Spiritual Meditation

If the world’s population engages in regular meditation the world would be a better place. However, for most of us, a high percentage of our wake time is spent focusing on our material aspiration. And so, instead of becoming more human, we are stagnated or regression takes effect.  Meditation does alter our brain structure in a way that allows  our well-being and quality of life to be improved.

The field of science is buzzing with meditation – and – the – brain researches. No doubt, the inventions of fMRI and EEG are assisting with this zest. Now it has become an understood fact that the practice of meditation stimulates changes in the grey matter of our brain to the effect that:

-anxiety and depression may be relieved

-attention and concentration may be improved through a decrease in activity in the area of the brain responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thought

-memory becomes more active

-there is increased compassion and tolerance (through a realization of who we really are)

-there is internal harmony

Meditation is also known to assist with the kicking of bad habits and addictions. And it is believed that if short meditation breaks are introduced in schools, students performances may be enhanced.

Meditation Exercises, Spiritual Meditation

Mindfulness may be considered a rather involved form of meditation. It requires concentration on and an acceptance of thoughts and feelings that are being experienced within the present moment. Mindfulness requires much practice. It is said to be a key element in happiness; and is considered by many to be the form of meditation that brings about:

A reduction in stress level, heart disease, blood pressure, depression, chronic pain and conflicts in interpersonal relationships

Aid in the treatment of substance abuse; eating and anxiety disorder

Improve sleep pattern

Meditation Exercises, Spiritual Meditation

Introspection may also be considered a form of meditation.  It relates to the questioning of our thought process, feelings and actions without being judgmental.  As the answers unfold we get to know more about who we are. It therefore plays an important role in the ‘know thyself’  aspect of spirituality.

Will meditation prove itself to be one of the long awaiting cure or prevention for  Alzheimer? The answer to this question seem not to be in the near future. However, there are studies that are presently underway which looks at the meditation technique called Kirtan Kriya … its effect on the memory of individuals with a subjective cognitive decline.

The duration of this exercise is 12 minutes.

The individual assumes a sitting position with the spine straight. An ‘L’ shaped form of concentration is employed. By this we mean  … the sound flows in through the top of the head and exits the middle of the forehead or third eye.

Meditation Exercises

Sing the mantra in your normal voice for two minutes.

For another two minutes … sing in a whisper.

For a duration of 4 minutes say the mantra silently to yourself.

After this reverse the order … first whispering for two minutes then singing out loud for another two minutes.

When exiting your meditation exercise take a deep inspiration, … extend your hands  above your head and slowly bring them down in a sweeping motion as you exhale.

The following finger positions are very important to the exercise:

For saa … make a circle or ‘o’ with your thumb and index finger.

For taa make a circle with your thumb and mid finger.

For naa make a circle with your thumb and ring finger.

For maa make a circle with your thumb and little finger.

There are many videos that do assist with the practice of meditation this includes the Kirtan Kriya. Think big spiritual awakening also provides easy steps to meditation. The duration of each step is short and the activities are very simply. They are especially geared for beginners.

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How to use your Daily Introspection Experience (DIE)

The objective of the Daily Introspection Experience (DIE) is to have the true self vibrating at a higher frequency. A vibrational frequency is tied to all our thoughts and actions. As we progress towards becoming fully human we constantly assume a higher frequency.

The DIE should be read preferably in the morning. (Some individuals may prefer the reverse of this suggestion and read  the DIE just before bed time. Introspection is active when the following questions are being addressed:

What is my interpretation of what I just read?

What was my initial feeling  as I read the article?

What feeling is it generating in me now, as I think about it?

How do I see this new information impacting my life?

How will the information/knowledge I have gleaned from the article affect my relationship towards:


My family

The universe and by extension the cosmos.

A ‘Becoming Inspired Regenerative Thought’ (BIRTH), statement is then constructed from the DIE. The BIRTH should address what you wish to become, having read and understood the DIE.

Here are some examples of BIRTH statements:

I seek  deeper understanding of oneness,

I seek  deeper insight in how to balance my daily activities in order to supply my physical emotional and spiritual needs

I seek more control of my inconsistencies

I seek more control of my anger emotion.

Keep your BIRTH statement alive in your subconscious throughout the day. At the end of the day, find a quiet spot for your Meditation Auto Suggestion (MAS). Assume a comfortable position and slowly unwind. Calming music is provided to assist you.

Repeat your BIRTH statement preferably audibly at first. Feel the statement slowly becoming a part of your being; and as it does so, you may choose to continue the repetition inwardly. (Never construct a BIRTH statement that you do not truly believe you want to become. This activity only works where there is a genuine need to ‘become‘.)

More advanced users of cosmic meditation may find themselves becoming the statement during the busy day and may not need this exercise.

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