Inspirational Quotes: Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships: Growth or Stagnation

‘…When you should be eating meat you are still drinking milk!’ (St Paul) A relationship void of growth is one in which the same goals  are made over and over again but never achieved. Lack of growth and achievement may be due to the resistance of one or both parties. Irrespective of the reason, a relationship void of growth lacks nourishment. A relationship is nourished by the achievement of goals … physical/material, emotional, sexual and spiritual. A relationship that is not growing becomes stagnant. If not attended to, both parties will have to agree to cut the link so as to maintain health.

Are you still drinking milk when you should be eating meat in your relationship?

Are you finding it difficult to move beyond small but important goals so as to take on larger and more complex ones?

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Healthy Relationships: I Own My Happiness

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I am responsible for my own happiness. My happiness comes from within me. The people with whom I interact elevate my awareness, making me more spiritually conscious of myself as a part of the Cosmic Life Force.  My realization of the importance of my inter- and intra-personal relationships in regards to my spiritual awareness and growth, is the first step I take towards aligning me with my Cosmic purpose.

Healthy Relationships: It’s Alright to be Different

We may not like the same food and that’s alright

We may not like the same clothes designs and that’s alright

We may not like to go the same places and that’s alright

We may not like the same games and that’s alright

What is not alright is when you do not respect me because of what I like

What is not alright is when you force me to like the things you like and hate the things I like

We are different although we are one

We both manifest an aspect of the magnificent glory of the Divine.

Healthy Relationships: Attention and Intention


For my relationship to be successful I must attend to what I intend to achieve. I must not only think my intention. I must feel the intention as well. The intentions I feel become action. I cannot achieve my intentions without daily acting out my intentions.


Healthy Relationships: Mastering My Ego

Healthy Relationships

Who benefits from the choices I make? Is it my true self or is it my ego? Who benefits from the relationships I create? Is it my true self or is it my ego?Who benefits from the beliefs I hold? Is it my true self or is it my ego?

I know I am serving my ego when:

Instead of being a part of; I boast a feeling of being better than.

Instead of accepting my spiritual experiences as necessary for my growth and maturity, I find myself gloating over what is right and what is wrong.

Instead of flowing with, and giving way to my spiritual learning, I find me putting up a wall of defense.

Today I silence my ego so that I can hear the cry of my true self. Today I make a resolution to open my eyes to the needs of my true self. This is my goal. This is my purpose. This is my calling. This is the will of the All.

Self-mastery is spiritual work! Let us guide you in the process.

Healthy Relationships: It Starts With Me

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If I do not know how to love and nurture myself

I will not know how to love and nurture you.

I must first heal myself before I can assist your healing process.

I must rid myself of any belief system that thwarts my growth before I can assist you in your spiritual evolution.

I must rid myself of my unhealthy habits before I can assist you in doing likewise.

I must come to the realization of who I am before I can assist you in an understanding of your true identity.

Healthy Relationships: Let Go To Receive 1

Meditation ExercisesUntil I am able to rid myself of the fear that stems from abusive relationships I experience both as a child and as an adult, my mind works to protect me.

But this protection hinders me from experiencing the loving relationship I crave.

I need to empty me of the beliefs I presently hold that came about because of my many abusive relationships.

When I do this my mind will let its guard down, so that I can enter into, and experience the richness of a loving relationship.

Let Go To Receive 2

Healthy Relationships

If I desire a loving relationship

I must clear my mind of failed ones.

I cannot engage in positive affirmation while holding on to the negative.

I must let go my failed relationships so as to affirm myself,

To start trusting,

And to do the things that makes for a healthy fulfilling relationship.

If I am serious about a healthy relationship…

If that is my desire…

I will take the first step

I will empty my mind of the many failures

So it can become full with success.

Dis-create your co-dependent relationship. Build a healthy inter-dependent one.

Let Go To Receive 3

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My past can never hold me captive

I am imprisoned by my present thoughts and feelings about the past.

I cannot change the past.

I need to acknowledge my present feelings about the past without being judgmental. I need to extend understanding, compassion and forgiveness.

I need to learn all I can from my past experience

In so doing, the past has become an invaluable tool to assist me in the present.

Commit and Act

Healthy Relationships

It takes more than knowledge to have a good relationship.

I must commit myself :

To the effective communication

Patience, compassion and understanding

But nothing will ever change until my thoughts become a reality.

I must act.

Make the foundation of your relationship spiritual.

I Am Here

I am here  because of who you are

I am here because of who you can become

I am here to see you through your metamorphosis

I am here to guide you

To become one with you

To empower and enrich you

I am that external force propelling you towards completeness.

(Victoria Elizabethaan)




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