The Revelation of the Eternal Realm


The Revelation of the Eternal Realm

Your religious/spiritual views determine the life you live. This is why we take the time out to introduce to you the cosmic belief system that empowers you… giving you dominion over your life.

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The Revelation of the Eternal Realm

If you do not know how the cosmos works you are in grave danger. "My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge". When you understand the structure and function of the cosmos, self-governance, power and dominion belong to you!

Your religious/spiritual beliefs determine the life you live. This is why we take the opportunity to introduce to you a belief system that guarantees your success. The Revelation of the Eternal Realm provides you with a holistic view of the cosmos. This world view, if adopted by our clients, forms the frame work for a highly successful life founded on self-governance. The Revelation of the Eternal Realm, along with Beyond Religiosity, forms the foundation upon which our cosmic psycho-spiritual coaching technique is built. That is why our coaching technique does guarantee you long lasting satisfaction and success.

' The Revelation Of The Eternal Realm ' is the gem you must have in your possession. The book outlines the structure and function of the cosmos in language that is easy to read and understand. There is no other identifiable publication that has taken this complex thought and simplify it to capture the understanding of the average person. This book is specifically written for individuals who have gotten to the pinnacle of their religious experience or life transition and seek  more knowledge to advance themselves spiritually. When you understand the structure and function of the cosmos, self-governance, power and dominion belong to you!

Here are some excerpts from the book.

  •  It is a postulate of this book that a ‘constant’ is fundamental to life and existence. Without this constant to support life, there would be nothing (i.e., nothing would and will exist). That which supports life must be constant.
  • Constant can only exist if it can be mathematically derived. It must be built on mathematical principles.  For example, four plus three must always equal seven. If four plus three has the potential to equal six today, seven tomorrow and eight the following day, ‘constant’ ceases to exist and ‘true chaos’ or randomness that eventually leads to nothingness, takes its place. Randomness or chaos cannot be perpetual without being supported by a constant. What we perceive as random or chaos appears as random or chaos due to the limitation of our awareness. Cosmological laws govern all that seems random.
  • All laws are built on mathematical principles. Fundamental to every principle are factors, the combination of which yields an effect. The effect or outcome of every combination is as dictated and encoded by Spirit. Depending on the combination, the result may be desirable or undesirable by us. Still, desirability and that which is considered undesirable are governed by law.
  • Nothing exists outside of Spirit. Spirit is the Giver of Life to the all. If nothing exists outside of Spirit, nothing exists outside of Law. The all is built on Law. The all functions in accordance with the governing principle of Spirit. There is, therefore, no such thing as lawlessness. What we encounter instead are desirable (or positive), and undesirable (or negative) outcomes or effects. Desirable and undesirable effects are as defined by us on the earth plane, and due to our stage or state of consciousness.  Where spirit is concerned, there are no desirable and undesirable manifestations. All simply is what it is.
  •  When our belief regarding who we are and our origin are shrouded in doubt, our entire life is affected by this belief. Our reality is the product of our belief. When our belief system houses too much unknown, doubt, fear, and inconsistencies, it limits our world. When our world is limited the acquisition of our desires becomes limited as well. At every state and stage of the consciousness, understanding who we are helps us build a healthy self-esteem and affords us meaning and purpose to life.
  • Our emotions are both virtues and vices. With our emotions, we create and destroy.  In the absence of the higher mind, the workings of our emotions are very often the latter. The simpler the consciousness, the more dominant the emotional dimension. Hence the human consciousness that possesses a high degree of emotion is referred to as beastly.Until the human consciousness has attained a certain degree of awareness or awakening, the consciousness is highly emotional and deficient in thought and action that is considered advanced or ‘desirable’. The lower principle is, therefore, a necessary ‘evil’. It nurtures the highly emotional being until that point is reached where there is a balance between the functioning of both the higher and the lower mind.

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