The Law of Forgiveness


To assist my clients in ridding themselves of the life force energy-blockages caused by un-forgiveness, so they can achieve their desires. The course is self-taught.



The consciousness that has entered the fifth dimension demonstrate a more advanced meaning and understanding of the Law of Forgiveness.At this state, forgiveness is important even in the absence of the perpetrator asking for same.Forgiveness involves only one person and that person is you. Forgiveness is also a choice that you have made in order to maintain your spiritual evolution. And bear in mind that in the absence of spiritual evolution there is spiritual regression; because the evolutionary phase of the cosmic cycle is one in which nothing is allowed to stand still. Forgiveness so understood, opens the spiritual gate to allow the constant flow of that which is necessary for one’s evolution and by extension, the realization of their desire.

Forgiveness is an act. It is a conscious letting go of resentment and revenge to maintain oneness and harmony within the divine cosmos and within oneself. When you refuse to forgive, you fall out of harmony with the evolutionary experience common to all humanity within the evolutionary cycle. The person refusing to forgive is therefore the individual that is being imprisoned by their own unforgiving act.

When we refuse to forgive:

  • Our ego mind uses the anger and bitterness of the past to judge every new relationship and present experiences,
  • We become imprisoned by the past hurt to the extent of not enjoy the present,
  • We become depressed and/or anxious,
  • Life’s meaning or purpose become obscured,
  • We feel at odds with our spiritual beliefs and,
  • Lose valuable and enriching connectedness with others.

In the absence of the cosmological picture, the act of forgiving someone becomes a great challenge. In this lesson, we provide the broader picture.

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