Self-Mastery: An Introductory Course


This course educates clients about the self-mastery/self-governing process. It clarifies terminologies and brings to the awareness of clients what is expected of them if they must achieve their goals. It is recommended that all enrolled students take this course before embarking on any course of interest.



When many of us hear the word self-governing/self-mastery, we think of perfectionism. And the word ‘perfection’ is rather intimidating.  But self-governing/ self-mastery is not about perfectionism…we are all unique,…there is no one perfect standard that we all aspire for. So, when we speak of self-mastery, reference is made to you aspiring for a true understanding of who you are, why you are here and how do you function within the divine cosmos or the whole. An understanding of your function within the divine cosmos/whole is what gives meaning and purpose to your life. Every entity within the divine cosmos/whole serves a purpose, and therefore has a function. And that function will only be made manifest when the entity becomes aware of its identity.

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