Purpose and Functionality


This course helps you identify your purpose and how to use your purpose to enrich yourself and others. The course is self-taught.



Like our kidneys, heart, eyes and other physical organs, our authentic Spirit possesses a unique or innate purpose. Your purpose is built into every fiber of your true self and is your reason for existence.Kidney is a kidney and a heart is a heart. And we think of neither kidney nor heart without thinking of their function – what they need to do and how they get it done. If you introduce a young child to any of their body part, one of the first question they will ask is ‘What is its function?’ or ‘What does it do?’

Every unit of consciousness has a specific function that, when made manifest to them, they declare to the world. For examples;

  • Michael Jackson declared his purpose and function,
  • Mother Theresa declared her purpose and function and,
  • Nelson Mandela declared his purpose and function.

Your purpose is indestructible. There are many individuals who exit the earth plane without being aware of there divine purpose; but this does not mean that they had no purpose.We are organs in an Infinite Organ, and our purpose and function contribute to the functioning of the whole.

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