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Your belief dictates your success and failures. If you are asking yourself, ‘Why is this happening to me again,’ it is time to check those beliefs of yours.This Core Foundation course educates you regarding the root of dysfunctional beliefs, how to discard dysfunctional beliefs, the creation of healthy beliefs and the structuring of healthy beliefs into affirmation statements that can be used to reprogram the subconscious mind. This is a self-taught course.

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Core Foundation – Life Coaching

Core Foundation; ‘…Humanity cannot survive, as human, without a belief system. It takes beliefs for us to be able to create, dis-create, relate to each other and make sense of our world. Belief systems tell us what will work and what will not. They help us in understanding what will cause failure and what will lead to the success we desire. Beliefs give us a sense of certainty and hence self-confidence. When we are not too sure what to believe we suffer emotionally, spiritually and physically. Where there is no grounded belief there is no motivation. It is our belief that ignites our ego and puts us into motion.

But beliefs should not be taken for granted because they have the ability to create and to destroy. Beliefs bring together and they tear apart. Two persons can experience similar event, and while the experience evokes a positive feeling in one individual it evokes a negative feeling in the other. This happens because our belief system is a backdrop against which we experience all of life’s experiences.

Our belief system affects more than our action and feelings. They may impact our health as well. Our belief system impacts our nervous system and our immune system. They speak to whether many medical interventions will realize the goal they set out to achieve.’

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