Personal Development Programs

Topics Covered In This Program

Introductory Course
Understanding Self-governance and Self-mastery.
Understanding dreams, visions, and goals.
Goal setting.
Time management

Course: Towards a Healthy Self Esteem
Self-esteem, self-worth/value
Writing Effect Affirmations for Self-programming

Course: Fundamentals of a Healthy Relationship
Parental idealization.
Emotional Enmeshment
Principles and Boundaries

Course: Anger Management
Anger Dynamics
Identifying ‘Trigger’ Thoughts and Analyzing them.

Course: Effective Communication in Small Businesses
Dealing with conflicts in small businesses

Course: The Informed Citizen
Crisis management.
Understanding Natural Laws and Liberties vs Societal privileges.

This is a group session that is held whenever we have enough interests. The program may be in-person or virtual. If you are interested, contact us today. 

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