Are you in need of a spiritual gathering that makes a difference? This is the spiritual assembly you do not want to miss!

If you seek freedom from doubt and fear. If you have gotten to that point where nothing makes sense and you are flooded with questions that no one seem to know the answers. This is the place for you. We are your cutting edge Online Spiritual Assembly (OSA!).

Hi, My name is Victoria Elizabethaan and I can relate to what you are going through. I had gotten to that point of my religious experience where my spirit began to cry out for more nourishment but the religious medium had nothing else to offer. I was very active in the organization. I was a pastor’s wife, youth group coordinator, coordinator of the inner city youth mentoring program, pre- and post marital counselling coach and I was the primary writer of Sabbath lessons for the youth and children’s department. I guess many would think that I had it all but I did not. My soul needed more.

Psycho-spiritual Assembly in session

OSA! The cutting edge Online Spiritual Assembly

To complicate matters… were the many questions that constantly impacts my inner self; and which my faith could not answer. For example, my consciousness could no longer reconcile the God put forward by Apostle Paul with the God of the Old Testament. I could not appreciate the fact that God had favorites, was sorry that he made man and was inconsistent in His behavior. My religious unrest took me on a long journey that ended in my spiritual awakening and the birth of Think Big Life Coach Center which is now proud to make a contribution to the advancement of the human consciousness through Online Spiritual Assembly (OSA!).

Online Spiritual Assembly is for those of us whose consciousness can no longer appreciate the religious paradigms of duality and paradoxes. We can no longer appreciate the world from a phenomenon of black and white, sin and righteousness.Where religion perceives two, Online Spiritual Assembly perceives One. Where religion sees righteousness and sin, Online Spiritual Assembly sees growth and regression taking place in the whole.

So, are we a different consciousness from that of the religious? The answer is ‘no’. We are a different manifestation of the same consciousness, (this and more to be explained at Online Spiritual Assembly). We have gotten to the pinnacle of our religious experience. We no longer think of, or visualize the ‘promised land’. We have stepped into the ‘promised land’…the Cosmic/Chrest/Christ conscious dimension. We have become that cosmic thought. We now turn our attention to assisting you in becoming same.

Online Spiritual Assembly is a weekly gathering of individuals who seek transformation to that life where they have become law instead of conforming to external laws. These individuals seek to become the principle by which they are governed instead of following ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. One hour of highly structured psycho-spiritual life coaching with the main objective being to help you understand the structure and function of the cosmos in a way that you have never heard before. What Online Spiritual Assembly guarantees you is that the teachings will eradicate all your doubts and all your fears. And those questions that you have asked time and time again but never got a satisfying answer will finally be answered.

Online Spiritual Assembly brings you into the ‘know’ in such a way that you no more are angered by societal ills. Instead, awakened within you is a passion to help . While wars and conflicts sometimes make you sad, you are no longer disgusted by people’s state of being. You are able to meet people where they are without being judgmental, because you are more concerned about making an indelible contribution to moving the consciousness up and along the consciousness gradient.

Online Spiritual Assembly empowers you to become an agent of change. And this change begins with you. The manifestations of your transformed inner self becomes the witness for those who seek the empowerment and self-mastery that only resides in the cosmic thought of oneness.

OSA! is the Online Spiritual Assembly specifically geared at taking the consciousness of humanity into a higher dimension. OSA! is the cutting edge of Online Spiritual Assembly.

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