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Understanding the Work of a Life Coach

Life Coaching - Think Big Coaching AcademyWhile pursuing the path of a life coach may be a trending career choice, many don’t fully understand what a life coach does. How does a life coach differ from a counsellor, psychologist, and other related therapists?

While a certified  life coach employs many of the fundamental and leading philosophical thoughts, psychological theories, and counselling techniques, the life coach is rather unique in that they are teachers. Life coaches do not diagnose or assign labels to your behaviour. Their primary focus is using structured lessons to assist you in achieving your desired goal.

But certified life coaches do differ from the teachers noted in the educational system. In the educational system, it is the expectation that you learn knowledge that you may never use during your lifetime. And you may spend days, weeks, and even months learning the irrelevant knowledge. A life coach teaches you only what you need to know to achieve your desired goal.

Teaching and Learning – Life Coaching

A Life coach tailors their teaching-learning experience to their clients’ needs. And while this is true for one-to-one coaching, the concept extends to group coaching as well. Life coaching is all about satisfying the needs of clients or the needs of the group. A group that has been formed to carry out a specific project may discover that the tools (that is, the required knowledge, attitude, and motivation) for the group to realize its goal is absent. The group can employ the service of the certified life coach to assist them in the acquisition of these tools.

An effective life coach is a highly informed and rounded individual. They know and have access to a wealth of information and are able to pull on spiritual, philosophical, psychological and scientific knowledge in order to construct lessons that will assist their client in achieving their goal. Effective life coaching is ever learning and is a model of their own teaching, the life coach.

But the most important thing to remember regarding the work of a life coach is that they are teachers who impart to you only the knowledge necessary for you to achieve your goal. They do not waste your time teaching you knowledge that may not benefit you, and they do not diagnose you or assign labels to your behaviour.

To achieve our objective in assisting our clients realize their goal, we encourage clients to complete an evaluation before their first meeting. The certified life coach then formulates lessons that assist their client in meeting their desired goal. Clients must complete their assignments to get the best out of the program. At Think Big Coaching Academy, we walk with you step by step until your goals are achieved.

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