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Online Psycho-Spiritual Assembly Abbotsford B.C presents a weekly newsletter. Intriguing and inspiring. Yet it takes only a maximum of Five Minutes out of your weekly schedule to read! Yes. We know you are very busy. And we know you are desirous of your spiritual food even though you are busy. That is why our newsletter comes to you weekly and not daily. And that is why it takes only a maximum of Five Minutes to read. Yes. You heard right! It takes only a maximum of Five Minutes to read.

But the thought in every edition lingers on within your mind; expanding your spirit and moving you forward towards self-governance.

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Online Spiritual Assembly Abbotsford BC


Develop a 20/20 vision for the year 2020. Online Spiritual Assembly (OSA!)  May 2020 Abbotsford Psyho-Spirituality meetup

Why OSA! is the place for forward thinking health, wealth and relationship seekers.

  • The teaching is cosmic.
  • The teacher is certified.
  • OSA! offers knowledge for growth.
  • OSA! empowers you to lift your standard of living.
  • OSA!’s teaching is powerful
  • OSA! comes to you where ever you are!
  • OSA! enriches you.
  • OSA!’s contribution per session is minimal
  • Come to be empowered. Stay for the fellowship


One hour of soul searching, self discovery, spiritually rich  and intellectually insightful group engagement.

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A weekly event presented by Online Psycho-Spiritual Assembly Abbotsford BC

NOTE: If you miss a session the recording is yours to have for a minimal cost of $4.99 US!


Our video format lessons are short, precise, informative/enlightening, interesting and inspiring. They are aimed at empowering you to know and to take control of your world! If you do not take control of your mind for your own agenda of spiritual evolution; it will be controlled by something or someone else for their own agenda. Be informed.

Think Big Spiritual Awakening is a Cosmic Spiritual group that seeks to move the awakened consciousness towards conscious living. We go beyond enlightenment and meditation. We take you along the path of empowerment that leads to success and a holistic life.

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