Inspirational Verses

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Life’s Lessons

Inspirational Verses - Think Big Life Coach CentreI used to spend so much of my time asking God to protect me from all that I fear…dangers, temptations, enemies. Today I am awakened to the fact that whatever faces me, no matter what it is, is a lesson for me to grow. My life is not a game of chance and nothing happens to me by chance. All happens for a purpose. And if I were to think of good and bad as reality, all that happens to me would be for my good.

Today I have a new thought…a new mind; and I am a new creature. I come forth with a self fully prepared to embrace all the challenges the day brings. Embracing my challenges means I accept them, will learn from them and will allow the experiences to advance me towards my root. My root is god-like.

Inspirational Verses – Arts

White Ceramic Figurine of Angel Illustration

Sometimes Art says it louder

The words I cannot speak

Sometimes Art shows it better

The beauty I haven’t seen

Sometimes Art touches me with affection

And embraces me with such warmth

I will extend this love to you

That I can only do through Art

My Spiritual Awakening

Inspirational Verses - Think Big Life Coach Centre

For me to become spiritually awakened, I have to let go aspects of me. The butterfly will never emerge if there is no letting go of the caterpillar. In like manner, I will not achieve my final state without letting go of my present state. I must let go the thoughts I presently hold. I must change my conduct. I must change my view of the world. I must seek to become the advanced consciousness. If I am afraid of letting go … scared of embracing that which appears new, there will be no transformation of my present state and I will never be truly free.

 My spiritual awakening is an evolutionary journey towards the higher governing principle. It is the completeness I seek. It is that which will make me whole.

The path is paved with many challenges and sacrifices. I must detach myself from the material to allow for the expansion of my immaterial. I must allow my taste for the world to slowly fade. I hate having to let go. There are things I hold dear. But I come to realize that there is no compromise.  

 In the process of discovering who I truly am, I have to first descend before I can ascend. I must come to terms with the beastly me that was: the selfish or religious me that I am; and the cosmic me that I wish to become.

 It may take me months

It may take me years

It really doesn’t matter; because it is an awakening from fear, an awakening from the unknown, an awakening from unhealthy living an embracing of the all.

My spiritual awakening ignites in me responsibility and the freedom of self control. But not without discomfort  and pain. And not without loneliness and lack.  I embrace the discomfort, the pain, the loneliness and the lack; because they allow me the opportunity to reflect, to consider and to question.


Inspirational Verses – I Seek To Know

Inspirational Verses - Think Big Life Coach Centre

I seek not just to be known

But to know

That which will transform me into the highest sense of being

Where all selfish greed, glory, desire and gain have died

And what shines forth is a unified me

The blossom of oneness

One goal

One aim

One happiness

One satisfaction

My hurt is not as important as our hurt

And my joy fades as I resolutely aspire after our joy

 Victoria Elizabethaan


I realize that the entire cosmos is built not only on one law but many laws. Fundamental to all these laws are governing mathematical principles. The cosmos provides numerous mathematical principles that I may employ to give me my desired result.

Two plus four gives me six.

But so does three plus three

And one plus five

 The truth is

I must actively combine factors to achieve what I desire

I must act

For the cosmos to react

 Victoria Elizabethaan




One of the most commonly overlooked emanation of the higher mind is honesty. Being completely honest with everyone I meet demands spiritual maturity on my part. I realize that true honesty is not a weapon of war. It is my willingness to be open and absolutely transparent in sharing how any moment feels within my heart. It has nothing to do with confrontation, accusation, or any form of blame. True honesty is the willingness I embrace to stand completely exposed, allowing the world to do what it may, and say what it will.  Only so that I may know who I am – beyond all ideas.
~ (Adapted)

Spiritual Relationships

My spiritual relationship is far more important than my physical. My spiritual relationship is governed by thought, reflection, consideration and reason. It allows me the opportunity to appreciate the unity that resides in the all. It teaches me compassion, tolerance and forgiveness.
My physical relationship is founded on feelings that resides within my ego – what taste good, looks good, smells good, is sensual to the touch and tickles the ear.
Without a spiritual relationship my physical relationship often leads to a divide, destructive interference and a self satisfaction that is at the expense of the all.
~ Victoria Elizabethaan

There Is One Human Race


There is only one human race.

We are one

Coming forth from One

Sharing the substance of One

Connected to each other by that One

What ever we do to one

We do to ourselves

When we mistrust one

We mistrust ourselves

When we get angry at one

We are angry at our selves

And when we refuse to communicate with one

We have numbed an aspect of ourselves.

Our Emotions Are A Part Of Our Humanity

Asking someone to get rid of an emotion is unrealistic.

Our emotional components contribute to making us human.

We cannot get rid of hate and still have love.

For who knows the point at which love ceases to be love and becomes hate?

We cannot get rid of fear and still have courage.

For who knows the point at which courage ceases to be courage and becomes fear?

There is no way under the sun that we can get rid of our emotions and still be human.


What can be suggested however, is that these emotions are channeled in such  ways that they build , enrich and empower the all.


And even then,

Sometimes to build first requires a tearing down.

And a rebirth can only take place if there was death.


The bottom line is therefore;

May all our conduct be guided by the Christ – that spirit of reason that emerges from the higher governing principle. If our action is guided by the Christ, the health and well being of the all is guaranteed.

(Victoria Elizabethaan)

On The Origin Of The World

Which is more plausible,

To believe that at some point in time nothing existed; and something came forth from nothing?

Or to believe that something always existed and all things came forth from that ‘something’?


To believe that whatever this self perpetuating ‘thing’ is, there is an internal logic by which it operates?

Or to believe that everything came forth as the result of randomness …that which is not governed by any internal logic?

To believe that because I do not know all, all does not exists?

Or to recognize the superiority of all over who I am?

(Victoria Elizabethaan)



My wisdom is not judged by how much I speak

Neither am I considered wise because my clothes are neat

The consideration I give to others is more a measure

And the extension of inner peace without a feeling of pressure

(Victoria Elizabethaan all rights reserved)



I will not worry about the problems I can solve and the challenges I can face up to.

But neither will I worry about the problems I cannot solve or the challenges I cannot face up to.

Worry never makes a burden lighter

It adds to challenging situation by reducing the amplitude of my vibration hence hindering me from excelling or being successful

It also causes my body to deteriorate

(Victoria Elizabethaan all rights reserved)

Personal Responsibility


What does personal responsibility means to me?

It means hard work

Smart work

Being punctual

Being reliable

Keeping my words

Living within my means

In the absence of personal responsibility

I feel vulnerable

I have difficulty pursuing my dreams and my goals

I am like a door on a hinge

Any road takes me to where I want to go.

Inspirational Verses – Values

My values and attitudes will never truly matter to me until I start thinking spiritual. And until my values begin to matter I am a wandering soul. I am lost. I am without meaning and purpose. And what is my life if there is no meaning and purpose? Woe is me!
~ Victoria Elizabethaan
The happiness and peace attained by those satisfied by the nectar of spiritual tranquility is not attained by greedy persons restlessly moving here and there.
~ Chanakya

Inspirational Verses – Happiness

Meditation Exercises
We all seek happiness.
We travel many places looking for it.
We constantly acquire material possessions so as to embrace it.
We work effectively and efficiently so as to earn it.
We dress smartly so as to wear it and
We sample the tastiest of meal so as to consume it.
But happiness is immaterial.
And cannot be had by the acquisition of material possessions.
To achieve happiness we must grow the immaterial aspect of us. 
We must seek to cultivate love, compassion, forgiveness gratitude and oneness. 
Victoria Elizabethaan

Inspirational Verses – This I Pledge

I will concentrate my effort on maintaining good health
Having peaceful and meaningful relationships
Being happy through the cultivation of  inner qualities
De-emphasizing trivialities
Paying attention to that which is important
Caring for animals
Becoming one with nature
Being quick to help
Becoming slow to judge
Spending time to understand the all and
Cultivating uplifting thoughts.
(Victoria Elizabethaan)

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