Good Posture Contributes To Your Health

Good posture matters. Bad posture affects your mood and limits your power to perform physical. It can cause, not only ,physiological dysfunction it can lead to depression. That is why we consider this article entitled ‘Good Posture Matters’ so very important.

All our movements and our posture depend on the integrated functioning of bones, joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments and fascia.  Not only does our locomotion depends on this integrated functioning, but our internal organic movement as well. The movement of the heart, the movement of blood through blood vessels, digestion, excretion, the emptying of our urinary bladder … even the ability to breathe in an out is affected by our movement and our posture; which is governed by the integrated functioning of these body structures. Therefore, you cannot think health without thinking that good posture matters!

Unlock your power to perform by improving your posture.

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We live in the age of the computer. Many of us spend long hours in a crouch position peering at the screen this position does affect us maintaining good posture. This position affects muscle constriction and relaxation and over time our posture , our ability to move and the ability for optimal physiological function becomes affected or threatened. The crouching position limits thoracic capacity and therefore limits breathing. It affects circulation and causes impingement of nerves. It is therefore important that throughout the day, we engage ourselves in frequent good posture exercises.

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The symptom that concerns the average person is the pain that working with the computer causes over time. There is the common wrist pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome. But there is also the pain in the neck, head and eyes.  Some individuals may even experience neck stiffness and blurred vision.  There is also that annoying pain along the medial aspect of, and seemingly under  the shoulder blade.

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It is important, no matter how busy your day, to take frequent small breaks to stretch and realign your posture in order to maintain good posture. Do some frequent good posture exercises. Doing so is one way to prevent respiratory, circulatory and digestive illnesses. Frequent stretches also reduces the build up of inflammation within the body hence reducing the risk of arthritis and other illnesses due to inflammation. We cannot overemphasize that good posture matters for your health.

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Good posture maintenance is the single most defining factor as to how ambulatory you will be as you age. It affects our coordination and ability to get up from a fall.

Stretching should be accompanied by body rubs that improves circulation of blood to and from various body parts. Rub the upper and lower limbs, the neck and upper back and the face. Tuck your chin in and stretch the neck up towards the ceiling. Roll your shoulder backward and extend the rib cage up and out so as to limit the effect of your body weight on your spine.


A healthy posture improves your power.

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Think big to maintain a quality lifestyle!

NOTE: Always contact your doctor before engaging in any exercise activity.

Good Posture Exercises And Your Spiritual Evolution

Man was made to be upright. (Adapted)

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In my mid-teen years I put much effort in voice training. I realized that the pitch of my voice and diction … articulation, intonation, how I delivered myself, my pronunciation … directly affected how I thought and felt about myself. What I never knew was that as I sought to refine this area of my body, a refining of my thought process was taking place as well.

This was an incidental revelation that came to me as I worked on my body posture, gesticulation and gait.

I realized that certain way of thinking was not befitting the pitch of my voice, my diction, my posture, my gesticulation, my gait, my mannerism.

As I made adjustments to these areas of my body … it’s like there is an urge to advance my thought process as well.

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As the years went by, I began to incorporate exercises for good posture maintenance as a part of my daily routine. Maintaining and improving posture is a very important conservative way of relieving chronic aches and pain. Poor posture is known to cause severe headaches, dizziness, poor circulation, neck pain, poor digestion and the list goes on and on.

Maintaining and improving my posture not only reduce aches and pain, it allows me to improve my thinking as well. The more I work on keeping an upright posture, the more I feel connected to the Absolute mind. Not many spirit beings are able to advance spiritually in a form that is not upright. There are those who have learnt to do so but they attest to this being an extremely challenging venture. The key is, as we seek to evolve spiritually, work on your posture …endeavour to keep it upright… as this makes your spiritual journey a lot easier.

Have fun doing the following exercise. How would you describe your posture, voice, gesticulation, gait, mannerism; in the following setting;

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  • Think back on a time when you got real angry.
  • Think on a time when you were depressed or sad.
  • Think about a time when you felt you had accomplished a great achievement.
  • Think on a time when you felt you had a deeply awakened connection with the Divine.
  • Can you remember a time when you were rather generous to someone?
  • How about the time someone bad drive you on the road?
  • Have you ever told your child the same thing for the thousandth time? How does all the above vary with your mood … when you said it the thousandth time calm vs when you said it the thousandth and one time while speaking from Mount Olympus?
  • Observe your body posture/language in other situations not mentioned.


Good Posture Exercises

In this section we provide some good posture exercises that can be done at work and at home without the aid of any exercise equipment. Remember to always consult with your doctor before engaging in any exercise activity.

Good Posture Exercises In The Office

This exercise can be done standing or seated. Clasp your hands over your head. Tuck your abdomen in to assist you in straightening your spine. Turn your face up in the direction of your clasp hands and stretch your arms towards the ceiling. Then put your chin down towards your chest and stretch your arms towards the ceiling once more. Hold each position for the count of 30 seconds.

Those exercises that are self-explanatory, I will not comment on.


This exercise is similar to the previous one but in this one the arms are crossed and the chin is flexed towards the chest. Alternate in the extension and flexion of the rib cage. Extend the right by flexing the left then do the opposite side.


In this exercise, the elbow of the limb resting on the head should be pushed backward while turning the face in the opposite direction. The hand of the other limb is resting on the hip. Feel the stretch taking place in the upper chest, neck and shoulder. Alternate sides.



At Home Good Posture Exercises



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