The Source From Which We Came Part 3

The Source From Which We Came Part Three - Free Lessons


WEEKLY QUOTE:  All I see around me is the manifestation of One. I am a manifestation of that one and so are you.

1. In this lesson we encounter another important characteristic of  infinity. Since infinity is one, all laws emanates from infinity. This belief suggests that infinity not only is (by way of existence), but is what it is by way of identity, personality, character and manifestation. There is a difference between the statements `I am` and `I am what I am`. `I am` means I exist, I am real and, what you see manifested in front of you is real. `I am what I am` refers to the components of the `I am`. It speaks to that which makes up the existence and therefore is the essence of the existence.

2. What we see and perceive as real is a manifestation of what is. It is the manifestation of I am what I am. It is the character and personality of Infinity. Every manifestation we encounter on the earth’s plain and beyond  are manifestations of Infinity. We, and the entire creation, are the mirror by which Infinity views itself. And we view ourselves in others as well. Since we are the very substance of Infinity and there is no other substance existing than that which is a part of Infinity, all that manifest around us is a manifestation of Infinity.  As we reflect on our true self, we encounter the manifested reality of the I am. In this way, both the essence and the existence of infinity are made known to us.

Self Reflection

  • Define essence
  • Define existence
  • What does `I am` means
  • What does `I am that I am` means
  • By what means does infinity view its beauty and majesty
  • How do we encounter the essence and existence of infinity
  • Through out this week pay careful attention to every event, behavior/actions and objects that generates a negative feeling within you. Say aloud in response to the encounter ‘That was a manifestation of the I AM THAT I AM.’ How does this make you feel when you do so? Start each sentence with the phrase ‘I feel…’
  • Surface 3 sentences that address what you have learnt from this lesson. Begin each sentence with ‘What I learn from this lesson is…’
  • Does the knowledge you have acquired from the lessons in this series affect your belief about the Source from which all thing came? If yes how?
  • In what aspect of your life can this information be most beneficial?
  • Did this lesson trigger within you any feeling of discomfort, anger, confusion or affirmation? Explain.
  • ACTION PLAN: This lesson has caused me to decide to take the following action towards myself, others and nature…

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