The Source From Which We Came Part One


One objective of Think Big Life Coach Center is to assist its clients in thought analysis. In our working with clients, we find that the majority are driven by their religious beliefs. We also find that some of these religious beliefs are very limiting. We therefore assist our clients in analyzing these beliefs so they can make a conscious decision regarding keeping or discarding the belief(s). The most debilitating beliefs are linked to the structure and function of the cosmos, Hence this series was constructed.

It is not infrequent  that we hear of the Creator having a form and sits on a throne from which judgement is meted out. In the following  lesson we take time out to examine these concepts.

1. The religious as well as the cosmic thought process upholds the belief of an infinite Primordial or Original Substance. In the case of religion, the Primordial Substance is equated to a God. In the case of the cosmic thought, the Primordial Substance is the creator of Gods. The original substance is what fills space. Space is not empty. Space is full. And space is full of a substance that has mind energy. The commonality between both consciousness is that the original substance is infinite.

But what does infinity means?

2. Infinity in distance or space suggests limitless, without boundary, unable to measure, encompassing all. Since nothing can exists outside of infinity, the word infinity `connotes oneness.The Source … being infinite … is therefore one. There is nothing outside of the Source. There is no goodness or badness. All that exists must be a part of the source.  The Source … while being a conscious unit of energy … views itself from within itself; because there is nothing outside of it that mirrors it.

3. Infinity in time suggests that there is no beginning or end; (or the beginning is at the end which makes the Source cyclical). There is nothing that existed before, or will exist after.

4. Since nothing exists outside of, and or alongside infinity; and nothing exists before or after infinity, all that is, is a function or manifestation of infinity. You are a manifestation of infinity. You are the very substance of infinity. And since you are the very substance of infinity all your actions are allowed by infinity. Your actions are governed by the substance of which you are. Infinity has no form. Form results in limitations and exclusions.


Self Reflection

  • Can an object possessing a form be described as infinite
  • What is the difference in the definition of god noted between the cosmic and the religious/self consciousness.
  • Rewrite paragraph three (3) in your own words.
  • What is your personal understanding of the word infinite
  • In what way can infinity view itself from within itself
  • How do you see an acceptance of infinity as ‘one’ affecting your relationship with others and nature?
  • Write the statements noted in red in first person.
  • Surface five (5) statements in regards to what you have learnt from this lesson. Begin with ‘What I learn from this lesson is …’
  • Did this lesson trigger within you any feeling of discomfort, anger, confusion or affirmation? Explain.
  • ACTION PLAN: This lesson has caused me to decide to take the following action towards myself, others and nature…

Prepared by Think Big Coaching Academy. The academy for personal development coaching, self-esteem coaching, anger management coaching, spirituality coaching and business coaching.

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