Introduction to Cosmic Spirituality

This lesson introduces the student to a cosmic consciousness – the consciousness required to become a self-governing, self-mastered individual. The lesson outlines knowledge that forms a part of Think Big Coaching Academy personal development coaching, self-esteem coaching, and spirituality coaching.

Introduction to Cosmic Spirituality- Lesson One

1.Welcome to an Introduction to Cosmic Spirituality.  Think Big Coaching Academy creates this lesson to assist individuals who seek to be become the cosmic consciousness. The word cosmic is in no way religious and we are not a religious organization. Cosmic is used to define that state of the consciousness that seeks self governance and self-mastery.

The definition of the religious consciousness is a state of  awareness that is compliant with conformity and seeks to be governed by external laws. This definition extends the religious consciousness beyond organized religion. Organized religion is simply a point of focus within the wider sea of consciousness demonstrating a vibrational frequency that may be described as the child. The defining essence of religion are three-fold. These are:

  • A belief in entities that are external as the source (s) of security, guidance and support. Example of such entities are government, teacher, religious leaders, supernatural being.
  • A belief in symbol and rituals that helps to bring about a change in moods and emotions and,
  • A strong belief in conforming to external laws.

At Think Big Coaching Academy, we encourage our students to think big. We encourage our students to extend their mind beyond the dos and don’ts handed to them by the external saviors acting as agents of security, guidance and support. We encourage our students to engage their faculty of reason…to demand all the perspectives of an issue and to arrange those perspectives in a logical sequence to arrive at their authentic truth. We refer to this as thinking big.  Think Big is our theme because it is only an expanded thought process that will bring into focus some of life’s most important questions and allow us to achieve our desired goals. Our thoughts can limit us, create internal discord, or allow us to touch the stars. Our first objective is to get our students to think big. We assist our students in letting go of dogmas, limiting and debilitating beliefs. And we do so by getting our students to question their fundamental beliefs. We then encourage our students to take another step up the ladder of knowledge because there can be no empowerment in the absence of knowledge.

2. We are here for a purpose. And the purpose, though sometimes appears unattainable and seemingly out of the reach of the average individual, is within your arms length. In fact, the purpose lies within you! We are here to tell you that your cosmological purpose can be made known to you. Your purpose can become alive within you if you are prepared to think big.

3. Purpose in and of itself does not give the total cosmological picture.  And in the absence of the ‘full’ cosmological picture we begin to doubt ourselves. Therefore, Think Big Life Coaching Academy addresses subject matters such as; the source that gave birth to the all, identity, knowledge, reason, truth, thought analysis, critical thinking, problem solving and self-mastery. We lay the foundation for a satisfying life by encouraging our students to revisit their beliefs regarding the structure and function of the cosmos. What we believe can limit our achievement. And there are no beliefs to affect our function on the earth plane like a dysfunctional belief about the cosmos. What we do not know can hurt us. We are victims of that which we know nothing of. When we know, we gain power. When we gain power, we gain control over life’s circumstances.

We can only use the laws of the cosmos to our benefit when we know what these laws are. If we do not know what these laws are they are still impacting our life.  For example, if you jump from a twenty-floors  high building without a parachute you will hurt yourself or even die. You are not excused from the effect of the law of gravity because of your ignorance. And so cosmological laws continue to impact our life. But when we are aware of these laws, we can use them to our benefit.

Thinking big calls for serious (sometimes time consuming) reflection. It calls for turning the search lights inward – an introspection or self reflection.

4. Think Big Life Coaching Academy is a site that assists its visitors in advancing their  thought process by helping them to surface what lies within themselves. Great emphasis is placed on thought/thinking and the assimilation of, and analyzing your thoughts. We believe that the thought process of an individual is an identity mark of the state of the consciousness. The more simple the thought, the less aware and conscious the individual will be. The more simple the thought the less sensitive we are to our surroundings and the feelings of others. Thoughts that are fully developed are not just ‘black-and-white’. An advanced thought takes into consideration the many shades of grays. Advanced thoughts allow for critical thinking and for problem solving.

5. To logically process a belief or thought process, one must be able to identify elements of contradictions, ambiguities and confusion within it. And the individual must be willing to accept the contradictions, ambiguities and confusion that is evident. If we refuse to accept the contradictions, ambiguities and confusion we will never change the belief; because  we cannot change what is not. We can only change what is. If someone is not dishonest, they cannot change from being dishonest. If they are dishonest they can change from being dishonest. The belief system must also be judged as a stand alone belief before being brought into relation with any other thought or before attention is turned to the alternatives. We do not believe any thought or belief to be right or wrong. In fact, when beliefs begin to feel wrong it is time to advance. The thought or belief no longer serves you. If you decide to keep a belief that now feels wrong or confusing you will not grow. We cannot grow and remain the same. There can be no growth without change. If your belief has been the same for the past ten years you have not grown for the past ten years! And remember, your actions are directly linked to your beliefs. When we change our belief we are actually changing who we are because a change in belief is the initial step in changing who we are and heightening our vibration.

6. Our thought process is an identity mark of the state of our consciousness and hence the degree of maturity we boast. As our thought advances our vibration heightens. We cannot become more advanced in consciousness and awareness without advancing the way we think. Thinking big is directly related to our spiritual evolution experience. The more we understand about; who we are, why we are here, what our purpose is and where we want to go from here, the more we will be able to exercise dominion over ourselves and over our world.

7. The more we exercise dominion over ourselves, the closer we get to becoming self governing. Self governance is that state in which we conduct all our affairs according to reason and responsibility.

Self Reflection


Memorize the following quote

Tell me how I can become what I have learnt without practice. Tell me how to change my world without changing my thoughts. Tell me how to live that life I know nothing of. Tell me how to reach my spiritual heights without having to extend myself an inch. Tell me how to embrace what is new without anxiety and discomfort. Tell me how to reach for that which is truly me without knowing who I truly am. (Victoria Elizabethaan)

Where applicable answer all questions in first person. For example, ‘What I learn is…’

  • What is your understanding of the term ‘think big’?
  • Duplicate paragraph 5 by writing it in your own words using first party/person statements.
  • Try and identify one belief or thought that has evolved over time for you. How was this evolutionary experience effectuated?
  • Looking back what were the aids to this evolutionary experience?
  • What does having dominion over oneself means to you?
  • Is it possible for an individual to evolve without an expansion of his/her thought process (i.e. without acquiring more knowledge)?
  • According to this lesson in a critical analysis of your belief system what are you looking for?
  • What is meant by ‘the thought process of an individual is an identity mark of the state of the consciousness’?
  • Where do the answers to life’s most meaningful questions lie?
  • Surface six (6) answers that addresses what you have learnt from the above lesson. Start each sentence with ‘What  I learn from this lesson is ….’
  • ACTION PLAN: This lesson has caused me to decide to take the following action……

Prepared by Think Big Coaching Academy. The academy for personal development coaching, self-esteem coaching, anger management coaching, spirituality coaching and business coaching.

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