Imprisoned By Another’s Thought; The Thought Process:

An Identity Mark of the State of the Consciousness Meditation Exercises

Are the thoughts you have your own? This lesson outlines the danger of holding on to others thoughts. The lesson outlines knowledge that forms a part of Think Big Coaching Academy personal development coaching.

As I lay in meditation I am engaged in the subject of ‘inspired thought’. Knowledge unfolded in me the fact that inspired thought is governed by the state of the consciousness. As we become more aware, we see more. We become more sensitive of our surrounding and we see more of what we can become, what we can do, what we can achieve and what we can change. We say our understanding is heightened.

We recognize the importance of religion. But one of its downside is that it keeps an individual locked into the’ inspiration’ of a few deeply or highly admired individuals. We live in accordance with their inspired thought. Anything outside of that collective inspiration is taboo. And because inspiration and the state of the consciousness are so closely linked, we become locked into their state of the consciousness.

But are there higher heights and deeper depths to inspired thought?

This we will only know when we unleash ourselves from the shackles of others inspired thought.  Within each and every one of us are inspired thoughts. These thoughts are waiting to become alive in us. But this can only happen when we seek deeper and wider into the vastness of the Divine cosmos.


  • How do you recognize individuals who are locked into the inspired thought of another?
  • What are the dangers of being locked in the inspired thought of another?
  • Using the ‘I-messages’ format, write three inspired thought that have unfolded in you since you have begun to enlighten yourself with the assistance of these lessons.
  • Did this lesson trigger within you any feeling of discomfort, anger,  confusion or affirmation? Explain.
  • Complete the following statement five (5) times. ‘What I learn today is…’
  • ACTION PLAN: This lesson has caused me to decide to take the following action towards myself, others and nature…

This site is an oasis for individuals who are seeking a deeper and richer spiritual experience than religion or the limitations of traditional science can afford. It is for individuals who are seeking to become self-governing or self mastered beings.

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