I AM What I Am Part Two

The lessons entitled ‘I Am What I Am’, outlines knowledge that is fundamental to the self-esteem coaching conducted at Think Big Coaching Academy.

In Retrospect

In the first section of this lesson we made the big assumption that we are conscious. And we boast ourselves in this belief because we are able to receive knowledge and to think about that knowledge we received. But what happen to us when we are asleep, in a coma or is suffering some illness that depresses our awareness? We are not dead. But we are not aware of our surrounding and probably may not even know who we are. Do we have to be conscious for us to be considered alive? Or better put, is there life without consciousness? From a Cosmic Spiritual perspective is there such a thing as unconscious?


We would like to reinforce the point that that which is simply is what it is. And being the very substance of that which is means we are ever existing! We are forever existing because that which is never cease to be. It always is. That which is is self perpetuating and self regenerating. It goes through evolution and involution but constantly is what it is.

We like to use the numbers 0 to 9 to represent Infinity. The numbers 0 to 9 are able to unite and evolve into an infinite number of numbers. Zero to nine in this regard would be that which is. The combination/union of these number produce an expanded awareness or consciousness; but this expanded consciousness is directly tied to the root. The root in this regard is 0 to 9. Without this root, starting point or primordium, nothing that is could be.  Within all of us lies that starting point because we are the very substance of that which is. The starting point may possess negligible awareness but it never cease to be.

Self Reflection

  • What happen to us when we are asleep, in a coma or is suffering some illness that depresses our awareness?
  • What does self perpetuating means?
  • What does self regenerating means?
  • From a cosmic spirituality perspective what is consciousness?
  • Why do we use the numbers 0 to 9 to represent Infinity?
  • Spiritually speaking, does unconsciousness ‘exists’?
  • Did this lesson trigger within you any feeling of discomfort, anger, confusion or affirmation? Explain.
  • Complete the following statement five (5) times. ‘What I learn today is…’
  • ACTION PLAN: This lesson has caused me to decide to take the following action towards myself, others and nature…

Prepared by Think Big Coaching Academy. The academy for personal development coaching, self-esteem coaching, anger management coaching, spirituality coaching and business coaching.

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