I AM What I Am Part Four

The lessons entitled ‘I Am What I Am’, outlines knowledge that is fundamental to the self-esteem coaching offered at Think Big Coaching Academy.

 In Retrospect

The fact that we are consciousness means we came forth from consciousness. We are no better than the sum total of that from which we came. We are what we are and continue to evolve in accordance with the internal logic of the Primordium.


WEEKLY QUOTE: My spiritual growth is dependent on the evolution of my consciousness.

1.In this section we seek to put the icing on the cake where consciousness is concerned.

The charge on the state of the consciousness dictates the level of understanding involved in the assimilation of acquired knowledge. We being more conscious or less conscious is therefore dependent on the level of understanding we have about what we know.

2.Consciousness evolves over time. Its evolution is directly proportional to experience. The more we experience in life the more we come to know. All experiences add up. There is nothing we experience in life that does not move us further along the consciousness gradient. There are no good experiences and there are no bad experiences. All we experience is necessary for our spiritual growth.

3.The more understanding we gain as to who we are the more spiritually aware we become. Consciousness is at the root of who we are. We are a conscious unit of energy. We ‘know’. And as we evolve over time we get to the point where we fully know that we know. And the most profound ‘knowing’ for us to grasp is that we are an ever evolving being. This is the knowledge that is most important. Our transformation is ongoing because we are a part of a consciousness field that is knowledge that gives rise to all knowledge.

4.But what is it about consciousness that causes us to ‘know’? Is consciousness a unified whole? Are there elements that make up consciousness?  These questions will be addressed in the lessons to follow so stay tuned!

Self Reflection

  • In your own word define consciousness.
  • What would cause others to exist without knowledge of their existence?
  • For consciousness to evolve there must be _________________________
  • List some experiences that you have been through that have heightened your consciousness and say how the experience was able to effectuate the change.
  • What changes in behavior are now evident?
  • Would you say our behavior is directly related to the state of our consciousness and why?
  • Did this lesson trigger within you any feeling of discomfort, anger, confusion or affirmation? Explain.
  • Complete the following statement five (5) times. ‘What I learn today is…’
  • ACTION PLAN: This lesson has caused me to decide to take the following action towards myself, others and nature…

Thought: I am one with the Source from which I came. I am a manifestation of the Source.

Prepared by Think Big Coaching Academy. The academy for personal development coaching, self-esteem coaching, anger management coaching, spirituality coaching and business coaching.

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