Come Into the Know

Come Into The KnowSince knowledge seeks to convey concepts, and since knowledge may be a distorted image of concept, what does cosmic spirituality means when it says ‘Come into the Know’? Is cosmic spirituality presenting another distorted view of reality? And if it is, why is it calling people to this distorted view?

Remember that each increment of a given state of the consciousness builds on the previously held increment’s representation of concepts. As imageries change with incremental changes, they become more advanced and complex. But the complexity propels humanity closer to the ultimate state – the state in which humanity lead their life according to reason and responsibility. Humanity, with time, stands at the final increment achievable in the religious/self consciousness. It is at this point that the awakening begins. It is an awakening to the cosmic consciousness state.

Cosmic – Come Into The Know

The cosmic state calls humanity to the ultimate consciousness achievable here in the lower realm. Is the state itself distorted? Quite possibly so! Could there be more than the cosmic consciousness is presently aware of? That is a possibility as well. Is it likely that there is another parallel universe that humanity may have to attain after gaining fullness in the one we now aspire for? This too may be factual. Cosmic spiritual takes all these into consideration.  However, what cosmic spirituality focuses on is the ascension from this universe. And what is known for certain is that the concept that speaks to the very essence of the Primordium becomes less distorted as we move up the consciousness gradient.

The cosmic spiritual perception of coming into the ‘know’ refers to:

  • Taking an objectively informed position on how the world and by extension the cosmos, is perceived. This position goes beyond what is culturally or socially acceptable. It is, being prepared to question the claims of truth and to analyze the accepted knowledge by looking at its historicity.
  • Learning how – to. It is learning how to become responsible. How to become independent yet interdependent. How to become those inner qualities that propel an individual towards a life governed by reason and responsibility.
  • Having a personal spiritual experience that extends beyond this universe. It is that personal spiritual experience that opens up the reality of a parallel universe that individuals who have attained a certain vibrational frequency is being liberated towards.

Coming into the ‘know’ is a big, big thing. It calls for expanded thought. It calls for thinking big. Coming into the ‘know’ for cosmic spirituality  is therefore stepping out of what you presently know by reason of culture and socialization and stepping into a ‘know’ that  you have analyzed and reasoned by the use of advanced imageries and process of aligning imageries. Lastly it is becoming this advanced thought.

Self Reflection – Come Into The Know

  • What do you understand ‘ come into the know ‘ to mean’?
  • Make plans and come up with strategies to bring yourself into the’ know’. Think Big Spiritual Awakening has provided many quotes and have suggested many interesting books to help to bring you into the ‘know’.
  • Did this lesson trigger within you any feeling of discomfort, anger,  confusion or affirmation? Explain.
  • Complete the following statement five (5) times. ‘What I learn today is…’
  • ACTION PLAN: This lesson has caused me to decide to take the following action towards myself, others and nature…

May you be enriched in higher knowledge.

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