Belief and Belief Systems

Belief SystemsWe have entered an era in which many people will declare that they do not know what to believe. And this is understandable. There is so much misinformation and ‘disinformation’. And those heralding the most misinformation and ‘disinformation’ are the first to point a finger of accusation at others. But What happens to humans when we do not know what to believe? Is there a danger in not having a well grounded and clearly defined belief system? Can the absence of a belief system pose a health risk?

The representation of concept that we have come to embrace is called belief. Many concepts that are interrelated come together to form a belief system. Our belief system is the window through which we view, interact and develop an understanding of our world. But our belief system does more than this. It also assist us in creating meaning for our life.

One big question to be answered as we look at knowledge is ‘Do we form beliefs or are beliefs already formed and we come to embrace them?’ for example, does scientific evidence begins and ends with the scientist or did the evidence exists before the scientist and the scientist was simply made known of the fact via  experimentation? We can take it even simpler and ask, did ‘3 + 6 = 9’ came into existence with the opening of our eyes to the fact or did the fact exist before our eyes became open?

Since imageries, and the mechanism that allows for the combining and aligning of these imageries into what is considered factual, exist within, and is tied to the state of the consciousness; it is safe to say that all belief systems exist within the Primordial Substance.

Our belief systems are altered by experiences. The alteration directly affects the state of the consciousness. It moves the consciousness along the consciousness gradient.  We refer to a heightened awareness or incremental change in any given state of the consciousness as a change in the value of the charge of the consciousness. For example lets confer a charge of +3 on an experience and a charge of +6 on the consciousness that is being impacted. It is possible for an alteration to take place in the state of the consciousness to a maximum of +9 charge. The new charge will not exceed +9.

Growth is as a result of:

  • Advanced alterations within a given increment within a state of the consciousness or
  • A change from one increment to another.

A change from one state of the consciousness to another is not usually referred to as growth. It is commonly described as the creation of a new creature. This is why some individuals find it challenging to identify themselves with what the religious/self consciousness describe as “lower class animals’. And it is the said reason why the cosmic consciousness is seen as weirdoes and or psychologically deranged by the religious/self consciousness.

Self Reflection – Belief Systems

  • Make a list of the beliefs you identify yourself with. Spend time assessing and analyzing each belief. Pay special attention to inconsistencies.
  • Did this lesson trigger within you any feeling of discomfort, anger,  confusion or affirmation? Explain.
  • Complete the following statement five (5) times. ‘What I learn today is…’
  • ACTION PLAN: This lesson has caused me to decide to take the following action towards myself, others and nature…

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