Food Matters

Self-governance is conscious living. Be more than enlightened. Become empowered. Enlightenment, meditation and empowerment are prerequisites to conscious living. If you are desirous of leading a successful and holistic life food matters.
What is the meaning of food?

Why do I eat food?

Is my food making me healthy or causing ill health?

What is more important to me; the taste of my food or the long term health and wellness I achieve from eating?

Know Your Nutritional Support

“The universe is founded on laws. The building blocks of laws are mathematical principles. We are therefore constantly bombarded with cause and effect. The choices we make in life are the cause of what is manifested. We can win the war against ill health; but only when we come to the knowledge of cause and effect as it applies to our food.

Spinach, chicken & pomegranate salad

Due to changes in farming practices, the nutritional value of our food has been reduced dramatically. It is impossible for the average person to eat  enough food, in any one meal, so as to provide the body with all the necessary nutritional needs. Over the years we consider calories as the fuel for the body, but the body needs more than just any energy. The body needs quality energy. In the absence of quality energy the body malfunctions. The malfunction may be remarkable even when the absent nutrition are vitamins and minerals which we take in minute quantity. The quality of our nutritional intake can prevent or cause  Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, depression, aggression, eczema, fatigue, infection, allergies, heart disease, cancer, and the list goes on.

The quality food I eat determines my nutritional value and the energy I receive to live my daily life.

The body is directly affected by nutrition. And since the body aids the maturity of the soul and the spirit, the maturity of both are brought into questioning when there is poor nutrition.

Good nutrition is a must. And since our food do not provide a balanced nutrition we need nutritional support. But can we really trust what we get as nutritional support? How many of us actually know what is in the supplements we take? Will just about any nutritional supplement do the trick or do some nutritional support lead us down the road of the ‘downside of traditional medicine’? Do some of us even know what to look for when we read the label of these supplement containers?

When we know what to look for on the labels of nutritional support items, we will be able to make wise choices for ourselves and our family.


Choose Quality Nutritional Supplements

We master our health when we master or nutritional in take.

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Every nutritional supplements comprise medicinal and non-medicinal ingredients.  It is important to know these ingredients as some may be harmful.In this article we discuss briefly, all you need to know about nutritional supplements.

The Active or Medicinal Ingredients

The active ingredients are responsible for the effect we hope to receive from taking the supplement. On the label, the active ingredients is most time accompanied by the source of the ingredients; (the source may be seen in bracket). The dosage may be given in two forms. There is dose per capsule and there is daily dose. Dose per capsule always has a unit of measurement. The International Unit (I.U) is the global standard for measuring fat-soluble supplements while milligrams (mg) and micro grams (mcg) are used to measure water soluble supplements.

The active ingredients may be described as natural or synthetic. Synthetic ingredients are manufactured while the natural ingredients occur naturally in nature. In as much as is possible, it is advisable to chose natural occurring ingredients over synthetic.

The Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Non-medicinal ingredients function in the following way:

  • They support the medicinal ingredient in the form of tablets or capsule
  • Help with digestion
  • Acts as preservative

Check both the active and non-medicinal substances for harmful products such as titanium dioxide, carrageenan, arsenic, lead and sodium benzoate. Consumer Report and USP Verified Products is of much help in this research. We recommend organic/vegetarian supplements.


Pay Keen Attention

  • Check for any cautionary note and expiry date
  • Make note of the lot number at the bottom of the container in the event there is a call back.
  • Some pre-workout products, weight loss, sexual enhancement and body building supplements do contain steroids and other traditional prescription drugs.
  • Think twice about taking supplements described as ‘mega-dose’. An overdose of beneficial vitamins and minerals can be very harmful.
  • If you experience any adverse effect after taking a supplement STOP taking the supplement. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
  • The fact that you have an allergic response to a supplement does not mean the supplement is bad. Other individuals may take it and not have an allergic response.
  • If you are taking prescribed medication consult you doctor before taking any supplements.
  • Like many traditional medicine, there are nutritional supplements that contain ingredients that are harmful to the body. Be vigilant. Do your research.
  • We suggest vegetarian and where possible organic (non-GMO) products.


To Diet or not to Diet

We are what we eat.

White Bowl of Whole Strawberries

When we think food we should think more than taste and diet. Food is your medicine. It is the fundamental defining element regarding your health. What is food? Should we consider all we consume as food? Are we doing more harm than good to our body when we eat? It is time to rethink food.

As we seek to exercise reason and responsibility in every aspect of our life, we all come face – to – face with this question at some point in time; ‘To Diet or not to Diet?’  

My food is not for entertainment, reward or comfort. My food provides me with quality fuel to live a fulfilled life.

By diet we mean following a regiment that someone has put together and unleash on the rest of us as the way to go where our health and nutrition is concerned. In this article we are presenting some food for thought that all aspiring self governing individual should take into consideration.

Due to the innumerable number of genes, and the infinite number of ways by which they may combine, no two bodies are exactly alike. The difference in genetic constituents is one important reason why our nutritional demands differ. There are general guidelines that work for all; but for optimum health, each individual will have to listen to their body.

Does the body speaks?!

Sliced Kiwi Fruits

Of course it does. We just refuse to listen. Your body, like your spirit is a conscious unit of energy and it speaks to you in many different forms. We must communicate with our body. We should not only talk.  we need to listen as well.

Here are three important facts to ponder.

  • Your doctor examines many ‘bodies’ in a very short space of time. He cannot tell you what is going on in your body. You have to divulge that information. Unless an individual possesses paranormal abilities, they will not know the intricacies of your home. How can they? There is not even room for argument where this is concerned.You should know more about your body than any doctor will ever know … if  only you start listening to its signals.
  • Remember you are body, soul and spirit. Our soul is the sum total of our emotional components. The soul likes what tastes good, looks good, feels good, is favorable to the touch, smells good and tickles the ear. What the soul considers to be goodness is in accordance with training. Training refers to culture and socialization. Very often, what the soul desires is in conflict with what the body desires for optimum health. Who will you … the spirit … listen to?
  • A self governing being retrains the soul. Our taste buds, for the better part, has been trained to accept what it now perceive as favorable taste. We can retrain them to find some other taste as favorable. As we move towards self governance there is a call for much retraining and retraining of the taste buds is just one of them.


Listen To Your Body

Lemon Orange Red Berries Ginger Peanut on Wooden Table

The soul and the spirit depends heavily on the body. Since both desires the body to function effectively, we must listen to our body.  You are a community. And you are the first community you will have to learn to develop a relationship with. Every community member has their own purpose, goals and objectives, likes and dislikes and these must be upheld in the spirit of oneness.  We should never allow our soul to over power the body. Healthy community living values all members equally.  When the soul is allowed to dominate, the body suffers illnesses.

To become in-tuned to the signals of the body we must silence the soul. The soul speaks loudly. There is no way both will be heard at the same time.

How does the body speaks to us?

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One language of the body is pain. Pain says, ‘Hey, something is wrong with me?’

What should be our response?

There are many individuals who suffer pain but when asked;

  • What type of pain is it?
  • When did you first experience the pain?
  • What were you doing when you first experience the pain?
  • Have you felt anything like the pain before?
  • Is there a specific time of day when the pain lessens or increases in severity?

the individual is unable to respond. Your body speaks. Listen and understand. Ask the necessary questions in the name of your health.


Vegetarianism: to be or not to be?

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“Why did you choose to be a vegetarian?” My friend asked.

“Any one who keenly scrutinize the behavior of animals would wonder where does ‘animal’ stops and ‘human’ begins. I see so much ‘human’ in animals; the way they interact with each other, their environment  and their display of emotion in given situations that I had to ask myself, ‘Am I killing another human to enjoy its carcass?’ Why do I consider myself more human than they are, since my physical form is just an housing that aids the evolution of the real me?”

Shannon Wilson

Close-up of Salad in Plate

Cosmic spirituality approach to vegetarianism is simply spiritual. Fundamental to the belief in vegetarianism is the definition of ‘human’ and ‘form’. We will begin with the definition of ‘human’.

A human is a conscious unit of energy that is able to carry out the following tasks;

  • Movement and rest
  • Think (i.e the ability to form imageries of facts such as objects, acts and relations)
  • Reflect (i.e keep the thought alive by ‘throwing’ it back and forth between  the conscious and the subconscious; or keeping it alive via a memory mechanism)
  • Consider (i.e the ability to select the imagery that best represents the fact, act or relation)
  • Reason (i.e the ability to assemble a combination of imageries that follow a logical sequence; this involves planning, strategizing, assessing and analyzing )
  • Power – also called motivation, force, will and courage (i.e. the ability to use the result of ‘reason’  to create and recreate).

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We have made every effort to keep this simple by refraining from adding to the above the evolution of the consciousness or the perpetuity of the same. The definition of ‘form is simply that which houses the conscious unit of energy. The form is not a part of the conscious unit of energy.

There are many forms in which the conscious unit of energy described above resides. And all these forms (including the upright form) are categorized as animal. When we kill an animal to use its carcass as food we are actually removing this conscious unit of energy from its housing that was given to assist with its evolutionary experience. We are impeding the evolutionary experience of our sibling.

Until we revisit this subject we leave you with the following questions to ponder.

Should we engage in selective or generalized population control? What should we do if we are overrun by some simple consciousness we consider as pests such as rats, mole etc?

Think Big!


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