Cosmic Spirituality Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question spiritually related? Let us think them through with you. Here are the answers to some questions posed by visitors to this site about Cosmic Spirituality.

Cosmic Spirituality

How Can I Reach God?

If the word ‘God’ refers to the Primordial Substance from which we all emanate and of which we are all a part; there is no ‘reaching’ God. God is everywhere. God is ‘here’ … inside of you and outside of you. God infuses everything seen and unseen. We live in God, move in God and shares the very substance of God.

If we are the substance of God aren’t we all perfect?

If by perfection you mean without blemish, there is neither perfection nor imperfection. All that is simply is what it is.

But if perfection refers to fullness or completeness, we aspire after fullness. Over time we evolve or become ‘fullness’. Our stay in this realm is to, through our many experiences, bring us to that point where we govern our affairs according to reason and responsibility.

How can I be made complete?

We are made complete by the expansion of our mind. As our thought process expands we move away from a beastly nature to becoming  fully human.

Is it possible for me to be physically identical to an individual but spiritually dissimilar? Why is there disparity in the maturity of individuals of the same age?

Yes it is possible to be physically identical but spiritually dissimilar. Being physically identical does not guarantee you you sharing similar state of the consciousness.

In like manner, spirit beings having physical frame of the same age may differ in their evolution and hence in their maturity.

I have read a few of your articles on this site and there is frequent mention of a higher and a lower mind or a higher and a lower self. There is always a direct relationship made between the higher self and thought and the lower self seem to be tied to our emotion. What is thought and how does it differ from emotion?

Thought is an energy vibration that represents a fact . Emotion on the other hand is an energy vibration that represents a feeling.  My emotion motivates me to act on my thought but my emotion must be governed by my thought if I am to function as a rational being.

An individual who is governed by feelings is said to be one who thinks with the emotion.

If my thought is factual can it be wrong?

There is no right or wrong where thought is concerned.  How we perceive that which is factual is directly related to the state of of consciousness.  And so we all perceive love, truth, oneness and justice differently.  What one individual perceive to be just may not necessarily be perceived as just by another.

Is there one truth or more than one truth?

The flip side of truth is falsehood. Does truth and falsehood exist from the cosmic perspective? The answer is no.  What we have instead are subjective perception and imageries of the same fact. We may be viewing a box. But depending on our distance from the box, the angle at which we stand to view the box, the amount of light rays impacting the box where we stand; we all may perceive the box differently.

Our subjective perception and imageries formed of any given fact, is directly related to the state of our consciousness.

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