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The Death of Small Businesses


Over the years large businesses are being treated more favorable than small businesses have been. To be even more specific, large businesses are given more tax breaks and incentives than small businesses. That is why it is much easier for small and medium sized businesses to go under. There are many reasons why this is done. The reason that stands out most is the fact that large businesses provide jobs in excess of 500 persons while small and medium size businesses do not. And we all appreciate this fact.  Were we short-sighted? Did we ever think that such a move could crush the small businesses to death? Did we even think that large businesses could become huge monsters that…not only wants to sell us their products…but exercise total control over our being?

While small businesses have been on the decline for roughly close to two decades, there has been an increase their demise. Will this affect us considerably? You bet it will! The large businesses cannot provide jobs for everyone on the planet and neither do they intend to.

The death of small businesses is the death of you and your community! It is therefore your responsibility to protect the small businesses in your community. It is an action that you must take. There are many economists who believe that small businesses cannot be protected from the grass roots. Government would have to pass some law to protect them. But I think it is imprudent of us to await any such law. As citizens within a community, your action matters regarding the success of small businesses. You may have to giving up some ‘convenience’. You may have to do less online shopping and object to using self-serve that is not manned.

There are many ‘inspired’ ventures that cause a reduction in employment. And very often there are no new inventions that demands the skills and expertise of those who are made ‘redundant’. If the world of business continues on this trajectory, our children will be jobless when they graduate from school. The sad truth is that the majority in the population are either turning a blind eye or are unable to connect the dots regarding this potential problem.  

The death of small businesses is the death of your community. The death of your community will affect your life directly or indirectly. The death of small business will have psychological, emotional, spiritual, economical, and physical repercussions.   We are all interconnected. I would like for you to sit in reflection and try to connect the dots. Try to come up with the specific adverse effects that will be facing you and your family with the total demise of small businesses.

We are going to have to prove to the economists that we are large enough to take action. We need to begin to lobby for the health and wealth of small businesses in our community.  We will have to choose sacrifice over convenience. Become an advocate for small businesses by sharing this information.








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