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This week we focus our attention on what we mean when we say the Divine is self-sufficient. The word, when used in its fullest sense, contradicts many beliefs held by some religious sects. I hope you find this lecture to be very informative.

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Why Can’t I see that I am?

Why can’t I see that I am?

I am coming into being

I am not black or white

Who said I need to be?

Why can’t I see that I am?

I am not what you call ‘right’,

I am not man or woman,

I am a unit of might.

Why can’t I see that I am?

I am not my socialization.

I am thought reason and insight.

I am my own creation.

Why can’t I see that I am?

I am more than you think of me.

I am an ever changing expression.

I am light and love and energy.


Presentations Audio

  • When you awaken to the importance and need of self-governance…
  • Who are you?
  • Omniscient + Omnipotent + omnipresent = ?
  • Why is change accompanied by discomfort?
  • How do I know that I believe?
  • Is there a spiritual path?
  • Thoughts and feelings… Which is more important?
  • When ‘kingdom’ is spiritually defined you will awaken to this self-realization…
  • Spiritual beings and the effect of thought on consciousness.

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